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Perception of Students' Regarding Online Courses Essay

Perception of Students' Regarding Online Courses - Essay Example The findings reveal that students largely consider their online courses as of good quality, but there are concerns regarding the future career. Research findings also highlight that course content need to be made more easy and sufficient to facilitate better understanding and the website need to facilitate easy navigation and better interaction so that the students can remain engaged with the material and be motivated to study. Topic: Perception of Students’ Regarding Online Courses Table of Contents 1. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 2. Literature Review------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 3. Research Methodology------------------------------------------------------------------------5 4. Research Findings------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 5. Conclusions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------14 6. ... s’ on the Sufficiency of the Content-------------------10 Figure 3: Perceptions of Students’ on the Contents’ ability to Engage and Interest--10 Figure 4: Perceptions of Students’ on the Website Navigation----------------------------11 Figure 5: Perceptions of Students’ on the 24-hr Availability of the Content-----------11 Figure 6: Perceptions of Students’ on the Content Interactivity--------------------------12 Figure 7: Perceptions of Students’ on their ability to remain self-motivated and disciplined---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 Figure 8: Perceptions of Students’ about their Career Prospects ------------------------13 7. List of Appendices Appendix A: Survey Questionnaire-----------------------------------------------------------15 8. References--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 1 Topic: Perception of Stude nts’ Regarding Online Courses 1. Introduction The rapid proliferation of Internet and improvements in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have made it possible for students to access and enrol in courses offered online by foreign Universities. While this has large scale implications for the global education, it also helps students to obtain certifications and degrees in subjects and from colleges that were previously out of their reach. While there are a large number of Universities that offer online courses (Allen and Seaman, 2010), and there is substantial recognition of such online courses in the corporate world (Wanstreet, 2006), there are also several challenges inherent in the technology and the mode of delivery that impact the efficacy of the courses (Shi and Morrow, 2006). There are several problems related

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Busnisse law final exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Busnisse law final exam - Essay Example The above scenario can therefore be discussed under promissory estoppel which is a legal law that requires the promisor to honor his or her promise to the promisee. The board in its meeting passed a decision which was based on a promise about paying Faithful $3000 per month as pension as a sort of reward after he retires. The pension promise is implemented only for a period less than two years of which he was in good health. The new president therefore stopping his pension payment despite it having been recorded by the board is nothing short of a breach of a promise. It can be argued that the real reason the pension was stopped was because Faithful became ill and hence was thought to therefore be in no position to assist the company in any way despite him being retired and would therefore be more of a liability than an asset. According to the promissory estoppel, even though it is not legally binding in the sense of a contract with mutual consent, the promisor still has to honor the promise made to the promisee no matter the situation. The court can therefore demand the company to continue paying Faithful the promised pension whether he is sick or not and with this ruling, Faithful can recover his promised pension and continue to enjoy it as before. Homeowner is legally liable to be compensated by Better and also Retailer under negligence defense in the law of tort because of the newly enforced law in the state of East Colombia. According to him, he thought that the mower manufacturer and even seller had honored and implemented the law and hence he was sure it was safe for him to reach under the mower once he applied the brakes on it. In order to prove liability and make a strong defense, the plaintiff suing for negligence has to have had a duty of care from the defense, the duty has to have been breached and caused damage to the plaintiff (Miller and Cross, 123). All these conditions have been