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Preparing for the BMAT (biomedical admissions test) Essay

The biomedical admissions test was created to assist medical and veterinary schools in the admissions process. Some of the universities have much more applications than places and the majority of these applications are strong. The BMAT allows the universities to filter out the strongest candidates based on exam performance. The BMAT exam lasts for 2 hours and is split into 3 sections. The examination test date is 31st October 2008. This article will aim to provide you with some advice and give an overview to students who are planning on taking the BMAT exam. †¢ aptitude and skills (1 hour) †¢ scientific knowledge and application (30 minutes) †¢ writing task (30 minutes) The universities which currently require you to take the BMAT are: †¢ The university of Cambridge †¢ The university of Oxford †¢ Imperial college London †¢ The royal veterinary college †¢ University of central London Aptitude and Skills This section aims to explore your problem solving skills, your ability to understand and interpret data and your analytical skills. It is multiple choice for the most. This is the main reason as to why you should guess intelligently, take a look at the given data and take a guess. Practice is key in this section. For the problem solving element of this section look at all the given data carefully. Here are some techniques to help you. †¢ Divide and conquer technique: Break down any large chunks of data into smaller chunks, making the smaller problems which are easier to solve and then once you have solved them put the data back together and form an answer. †¢ Trial and error: Use different approaches to come to a final conclusion and answer. †¢ Working backwards: start with one of the possible answers and work backwards from it. †¢ Incubation: This is a last resort method which seldom works. Put all of the starting details relating to a problem in your mind picture them and then stop focusing on them and carry on with the examination (take an intelligent guess). Your subconscious mind may come up with an answer during the rest of the examination The understanding and interpreting subset involves using the information in front of you, do not make assumptions unless it is appropriate to the question. Analyse all data given carefully not leaving anything out. The data analysis subset involves extracting certain points out of the data and using these to make suitable conclusions, to give the answer. Depending on the starting data you are provided with this could include using statistical methods, interpreting graphs, curve fitting or even eradicating unwanted information and prioritising said data. Scientific knowledge and application This section attempts to make students utilise their scientific knowledge to help them answer questions. Again this section is multiple choice, so make informed guesses when there is a need using the data given. This section also requires practice and revision of scientific principles in order to score high marks, so we advise you do some revision covering the basics of biology, chemistry and physics. Writing task The writing task is asking you to create an essay from a given question. Here are some general pointers to help you achieve a great score. †¢ Read: Read articles, newspapers, journals and book. This will help you to gain an understanding of how to put forward logical thought and will also help improve your English writing skills †¢ Partake in group discussions/debate forums: By doing this you will develop the skills that allow you to analyse certain situations and statements, in addition to developing the ability to generate a fair argument looking at both sides of the situation and can help you produce good conclusion. †¢ Good structure: Ensure you have an introduction, Main body and conclusion. By having an assigned essay structure your ideas will flow more freely and will follow a logical order that makes it easier for the reader to understand. †¢ Snappy conclusion and introduction: the introduction and conclusion can be the sections of your essay that sell it to the reader. Because these are the first and last things they read and so will remain in their mind the longest. An extremely good conclusion will stick in the readers head and maybe it might help you to boost your mark. Conclusion One key aspect for revision regarding the UKCAT is to sit some mock BMAT examinations; this will allow you to get a feel for the allocated time slot for the exam and thus ensure that you can finish all the questions. Some final general pointers I would like to add are 1. Don’t waste too much time on one question. 2. Generate a short plan for your writing task, just pointing out what you are going to cover and in what order. 3. Make sure you get plenty of rest before the exam. 4. If you have time available at the end of the exam use it to check over your answers.

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Wilfred Owen Anthem for Doomed Youth Analysis

Anthem of the Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen The poem I chose to study is â€Å"Anthem of the doomed youth† by Wilfred Owen. Wilfred Owen, the son of a railway worker, was born in Plas Wilmot, near Oswestry, on 18th March, 1893. Owen's youthful illusion of the glory of fighting as a soldier was reflected in his words to his mother on his return to England shortly before volunteering for the army†¦ â€Å"I now do most intensely want to fight. † In the summer of 1917 Owen was badly concussed at the Somme after a shell landed just two yards away.After several days in a bomb crater with the mangled corpse of a fellow officer, Owen was diagnosed as suffering from shell shock. While recovering at Craig Lockhart War Hospital he met the poet Siegfried Sassoon. Owen showed Sassoon his poetry, who advised and encouraged him. So also did another writer at the hospital, Robert Graves. Sassoon suggested that Owen should write in a more direct, colloquial style and thus guided him into writing â€Å"Anthem for the doomed youth† amongst several other poems he wrote during his stay at the hospital. Anthem for a doomed youth† it is a Shakespearean sonnet with a rhyming scheme of abab cdcd effe gg. It's a very traditional format, which isn't surprising as Siegfried Sassoon, a very experienced and traditional poet, collaborated with Owen to write this much thought out piece. Because the poem was a collaboration, the style stands out from many of his other pieces of work, as this is more traditional to what Owen would have normally written. In most cases, sonnets take their title from the first line; in this case the first line sets the mood for the reader by starting off with a question that the poet then proceeds to answer.Though the poem is war based, the title itself suggests innocence with â€Å"youth† which may suggest a connection with the church, as an anthem is a choral composition. However, the word â€Å"doomed† also adds a si nister touch to the sonnet which could also be taken as a premonition of doom, which intrigues the reader to read on to find the cause of the supposed â€Å"doom†. Instantly with the first line Owen refers to the soldiers who die in the battle as â€Å"these who die as cattle†. It makes the men seem like a sort of strength with no real meaning behind it, like soldiers sent to battle and inevitably be slaughtered yet not fully realising why.The next two lines then take the reader to the battle, where the disturbing and frightening atmosphere of gunshots is emphasised as a, â€Å"monstrous anger† He also gives the atmosphere a more dramatic effect by using alliteration, â€Å"rifle's rapid rattle† which emphasises the harsh and unrelenting sounds of the battlefield. So loud and unrelenting that it drowns out their quick prayers made in haste, not allowing them their moment of God's guidance, â€Å"Patter out their hasty Orisons. In the next line, â€Å"No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells†, this could be a more personal belief of Owen's, that fighting and killing are wrong in the eyes of god, as he said in a letter to his mother, â€Å"namely that one of Christ's essential commands was: Passivity at any price! Suffer dishonour and disgrace, but never resort to arm. Be bullied, be outraged, be killed, but do not kill. † In the next few lines of the octave he changes the, what I feel like sort of a homely religious scene into something more disturbing and frightening, as mourning choirs becomes a â€Å"shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells. And it seems that throughout the poem he likes to keep a sense of innocence about the soldiers, calling them â€Å"boys† which emphasises on how the young the soldiers were, which makes the sonnet more moving and causes the reader to feel sympathy ands perhaps some sort of sadness. In the last few lines of the poem Owen mentions what when they die they don't have a decent funeral, merely memories of those they left behind, â€Å"but in their eyes shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes. It reminded me mainly how the soldiers weren't the only ones who had suffered throughout the war, all those loved ones that they left behind had nothing to bury or see for the last time, just memories of their husbands, sons, brothers, fathers and uncles. The poem itself flows smoothly as Owen keeps the rhythm going at a slow and steady pace, causing the reader to think about it more carefully, using mainly full stops rather commas. This may suggest that Owen wants the reader to stop for a moment and think about what he just said, to try and picture it in you mind, â€Å"Only the monstrous anger of the guns. On that line I think that Owen probably wanted us, as the reader to imagine the tremendous noise that would be surrounding the soldiers. It would have struck fear into the hearts of the soldier and reader as it did to me. And also when he says  "glimmers of goodbyes. † This brings a lot of emotion to the sonnet; it made me feel sadness and sympathy for those left behind in the war. The soldier who wrote this sonnet experienced many tragedies and horrors serving at the front line for what he thought at first, to be a noble cause, which turned out to be a mass slaughter for causes unknown to the common soldier.I felt that Wilfred Owen captures the reality of the war in this very touching and moving sonnet; by emphasising the number of deaths of the innocent he outlines the severity of the war. And I like the fact that because of his first hand experience, he wrote what no journalist or any sort of media could have portrayed as romantic or heroic, he wrote what he saw before him, in the eyes of his fellow men and soldiers

Internal and External Factors affect the four functions of management Essay

Internal and External Factors Affecting the Four Functions of Management In relation to the four functions of management, there are several internal and external factors that affect an organization’s success. Using DaVita, Inc. as an example, we can look at each internal factor that would affect the function of management and the external factors. Internal factors would include ethics, innovation and diversity while external factors would include globalization and technology. When we look at why DaVita would consider globalization, we would need to consider the external factors that created this need. In general, when a company looks outside of the country for support it is watching what the competitors are doing. DaVita has found an area where they can run their clinics much more economical. The cost for labor is less which is their highest cost of operation. They also need to consider they have tapped most of the resources available in the United States for growth. They need new areas to continue to grow and dialysis is a global disease. They saw an opportunity with providing high quality dialysis in the less fortunate areas in the world that do not provide that currently (Travis, 2012). DaVita sat down and began the plan of expanding for this purpose. After they specified the goal and thought of the appropriate actions to get there, the next step was to organize. They needed to find a way for everyone to work together to make this a successful transition. The executives began the campaign to lead the group to their vision by helping everyone see what they saw. Only if everyone was on the same page, would this be successful. The support of the public is necessary in order to get through any scrutiny this may cause. After they were able to implement their idea, it was time to control the plan and determine if it was successful or not. The clinical model that DaVita provides to these other countries make this more affordable to the general population and is proven to be able to serve from the current 6% of kidney failure patients to  20-30% (Peerzada, 2012). This would be a significant success for DaVita to accomplish their plan of providing this service to areas that cannot provide this service. In reference to diversity, DaVita is a company that operates in eleven countries in addition to the United States. They deal with diversity on a daily basis. As individuals in the company start to plan their next goal, evaluating who uses thei r service is key. The ideas need to be innovative but also needed by the customer. The target audience is people with kidney failure, but from any nationality. This is key when deciding how customers will pay for the service as well as how to market to them. When management is organizing their plans they must consider where they will get the resources to accomplish this. Moving forward will be challenging when dealing with such a diverse group. Language barriers, culture, cultural norms and resource availability to name a few of the things that need to be considered. When DaVita moves forward with the idea, having effective diverse leaders will prove most valuable. Leaders must posess the ability to communicate with a variety of people. Placing people in various locations is key, and having employees trained in diversity, cultural norms and each countries policy’s. When doing business around the globe, leaders need the ability to motivate someone from China as well as India without violating their beliefs or values. Also leaders need to find a common ground with their staff as well as lead the staff to working as a team. Monitoring such a diverse group will be challenging but also rewarding. The goals set at the beginning of the project will need to be realistic as well as based on each countries health care options. As change needs to happen, they must recognize this and have the right person in place to make those changes will be key. Having a diverse group can bring various insight to a team. An organization must be able to embrace this insight and experience to allow the company to prosper. Using technology effectively can improve and at the same time be inconvenient in the work place. Stress level can rise in employees when the innovation of technology is introduced. Dedicated employees must learn new abilities. They are usually forced to gain skills involving their judgment, when and how to best use technology. Some can see technology as a positive improvement, others can over due the use and become workaholics since there is flexibility that applies and they can even work from home. Advanced and efficient service is a cause of stress in some  employees. The internet has become an impact not just for business but also by individuals. DaVita has made many dedicated changes in their technology some affecting their job performance. Some of their equipment has been changed for better usage and process improvement. As an organization, they focus on the studies and protocol that provide resource of disease and cancer indicators. Chief Executive Officer, Jim Joyce, was selective when the pioneer development of the use of therapeutic filtration devices addressed infectious diseases, cancer and other life-threating conditions. They presented research o nce they were cleared by the FDA of their device. This company was presented the opportunity to change their equipment for better usage and productivity. Referring to innovation, Davita finds consistent dedication to differentiate itself from other kidney companies. With hard work from each employee they use innovative skills and teamwork. The interesting message that I learned from reading DaVita’s website is the word DaVita is italian for â€Å"giving life â€Å". It is a company that specifically treats for kidney health. Regardless of the size, all organizations use and develop ways to manage with tact, strategy and decision-making. They use the four functions of management such as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Of the many health care companies that are part of the fortune 500, DaVita is one healthcare provider that brings variety. It provides variety of health care service to patient populations through the United States and abroad. Striving to improve patient’s quality of life and innovative clinical care they were able to offer integrity in treatment plans. This company serves 73 outpatient dialysis centers located in 10 countries outside the United States. They actually focus on programs that are dedicated to bring positive changing communities around the world. DaVita is inv olved in leadership programs that help develop innovation as a part of their social responsibilities. With teams and strong leaders, the company works on basic techniques to reach to those all around the world. DaVita has employees all around the nation. An example of ethics that the company has implemented is to create their own management concept. Davita educates patients with information of their core values. They take privacy serious and comply with policy that protects patient equality. Goals, objectives and tactics are part of their focus on engaging service excellence. This helps eliminate not meeting  expectations that arise by their doctor, team members and patients. They collaborate with integrity and believe in what they say. As I gather from their website on their mission and values section they use phrases like â€Å"one for all, and all for one!†. Together they share purpose and common goals. There is always room for improvement with commitment. They set aside goals that influence their team. When planning for requirement and values they come together as one te am working towards one goal. In conclusion, organizations use function of management to successfully accomplish the goals and objectives. Working in different areas, the four functions are used in globalization, innovation, diversity, technology and the ethics of a company. DaVita dialysis focuses on the health of the kidney and find a method to comply with these functions. They have goals that encourage all employees to determine the best functions for positive success. References Bateman, T. S., & Snell, S. A. (2011). Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World (9th ed.). Phoenix, AZ: Author. DaVita, Inc. (2014). Retrieved from Peerzada, A. (2012, January 12). US-based DaVita picks up stake in NephroLife Care for India entry. Retrieved from Travis, T. (2012, October 2). Time To Follow Berkshire Into DaVita. Retrieved from

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Bond Yield Under Various Assumptions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Bond Yield Under Various Assumptions - Essay Example Nevertheless, the concept of the price of a zero coupon bond articulated in the PowerPoint slides and the concept of the present value are similar. One of the more important concepts in bond valuation is term to maturity. Term to maturity â€Å"specifies the date or number of years before a bond matures (or expires)† (Reilly and Brown, 2002, p. 697). Another important concept is the coupon of bond which â€Å"indicates the income that the bond investor will receive over the life (or holding period) of the issue† of a bond (Reilly and Brown, 2002, p. 697). Other than concepts term to maturity and coupon of bond, the other important concepts include the principal or the par value of the bond but the public is generally familiar with these concepts. II. Measures of Bond Yield Under Various Assumptions (and examples) There are at least five measures of bond yield. Each measure involves a set of assumptions. 1. Yield to Maturity (YTM) As pointed out by our PowerPoint slides, â€Å"Bond prices and interest rate risk†, the yield to maturity or YTM â€Å"is the yield promised to the bondholder if the bond held up to maturity and all coupons are reinvested at the promised yield† (Slide 17, â€Å"Bond prices and interest rate risk†). ... 214-215). Fabozzi (2008, p. 214) confirmed that yield to maturity â€Å"is the interest rate that will make the present value of the cash flow from a bond equal to its market price plus accrued interest.† Fabozzi (2008, p. 214) pointed out that â€Å"an iterative procedure is used to find the interest rate that will make the present value of the cash flows equal to the market price plus accrued interest.† Following the Fabozzi (2008, p. 214) example, suppose a bond with a face value of $100 promising payments of 7% per annum payable semi-annually or every six months is being sold at $94.17. Based on the parameters defined for the bond, the bond will earn for the bond buyer the value of $3.50 every six months plus $100 at the end of the eight year. Fabozzi (2008, p. 214) pointed out that when the discount rate used to obtain the present value of the payments from the bond is 3.5%, the present value of the bond is $100.00. When the discount rate of 3.6% is used to determi ne the present value of payments from bond, the present value of the bond is $98.80. When the discount rate of 3.7% is used, the present value of the bond is $97.62. When the discount rate of 3.8% is used, the present value of the bond is $96.45. When the discount rate of 3.9% is used, the present value of the bond is $95.30. Finally, when the discount rate of 4.0% is used, the present value of the bond is $94.17. Thus, based on these, Fabozzi (2008, p. 214) concluded that 4.0% is the price of the bond and â€Å"hence, 4.0% is the semi-annual yield to maturity.† All computations came from Fabozzi (2008). Thus, we can consider that the yield to maturity or YTM of the bond as the interest actually paid to the investment of $94.17 made by the buyer of bond and the cash flows of $3.50

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Contract law incorporation notice UCTA 1977 Essay

Contract law incorporation notice UCTA 1977 - Essay Example Joseph, the Managing Director of Juicy Drinks Limited, visits the small office of MML and looks at some brochures of the marquees, agrees to hire one and is given a booking slip. MML demand half the cost of the hire which Joseph duly pays. The 'booking slip' is a small piece of flimsy pink paper. On its face it has the name, address and logo of MML and Juicy Drinks Limited's name together with the date of hire on 6 July 11.00 am until 6pm. There are no clauses on the face of the booking slip, however it ushers for the reader to refer to the reverse side of the paper for the clauses. On the back of the booking slip there are many clauses in small print. One of those clauses stated that MML will not be liable for any faults in the marquee or for any loss caused by bad weather that prevents the marquee being raised. Another clause states that the marquee must be vacated by 7pm on the day of hire. Unfortunately, on 6 July there is a horrendous thunderstorm and the marquee cannot be raised until 3pm on that given date. Meanwhile Joseph's potential customers have had no shelter from the torrential rain nor any refreshment since 11 am. They tell Joseph that they will never buy from him and do not sign the lucrative sales contract. ... To drown their sorrows Joseph and his team enter the marquee eventually at 3 pm and don't leave until 9 pm. Juicy Drinks refuse to pay for the remainder of the hire charge and sued MML in the High Court for breach of contract with losses to include loss of the valuable sales contract with their potential customers. Witter J found (i) The clause that MML were not liable for any loss had not been incorporated in the contract because insufficient notice had been given (Interfoto Picture Library v Stiletto Visual Programmes Ltd [1988] applied). (ii) In any event, even if incorporated, the clause was not, despite its wording, a condition of the contract as it was unreasonable in the circumstances under The Unfair Contract Terms Act. 1977. Witter J therefore awarded Juicy Drinks Limited damages for breach of contract including loss of profit from the new customer. MML has decided to appeal against this decision to the Moot Court of Appeal. Acting as counsel for the appellant MML prepare a skeleton argument for your client dealing with both of these points. Word Limit 1,500. IN THE HIGHCOURT OF JUSTICE Case No: 12/03/07 IN THE MOOT COURT OF APPEAL Magnificent Marquees Appellant V IN THE HIGHCOURT OF JUSTICE Case No: 12/03/07 IN THE MOOT COURT OF APPEAL Magnificent Marquees Appellant V Juicy Drinks Limited Respondent Skeleton Argument of Counsel for the Appellant Juicy Drinks Limited Respondent Skeleton Argument of Counsel for the Appellant 1. This is an appeal against the judgment of Witter J in the High Court of Justice Queen's Bench Division. Background: 2. The Appellant is a hirer of marquees and has been in business for the past twelve years.

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Employment law paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Employment law paper - Essay Example This is simply because any act of a supervisor can be construed to be the act of an employer, especially when an employee is impacted on a job benefit. In cases where the employee is not impacted in tangible terms, here the employers can limit the liability under the following defense: a) The employer has been noted to exercise reasonable care for the prevention of any form of harassment, and b) The employee has not taken complete advantage of any preventive measures that have been provided by the employers. The EEOC General Counsel explains that the cases that involve the English only rule or any restrictive language policies and any language discrimination are given first importance for the commission. As per the EEOC, employers cannot and must not target the workers based on discrimination based on fears, stereotypes or even fear of the language or country of origin. Based on the Title VII, Sears has clearly violated the law, as it clearly explains, no employment discrimination based on any factor like race, age, color, sex, national origin or even religion is allowed. In this case Mary has been fired from the company for speaking in Spanish on the sales floor with a co-worker. This is clearly a violation of the law and clearly shows discrimination against the employees. The fact that the employees are allowed to talk in Spanish with the customers however not with the coworkers, is a clear discrimination. Mary could have been given a warning however, not fired as it is not ethical an d completely violates the Title VII and the EEOC rules. The Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications allows the employers to make discrimination and permits them to employers of American Airlines to discriminate and to make the pilots and flight attendants to work on religious holidays as well. This however is not fair and it is important to understand, when companies prefer to have a diversified work force, it is

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Land Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Land Law - Essay Example The central idea involved in this phenomenon is the individualism in personal relationships and selfishness which demeans the commitment of the male and female towards each other. The increase in such type of selfish individualism in relationships ships however shows a gradual decline in the rate of divorce and extra marital child births. The tendency of cohabitation is rising even though the system itself is unstable in comparison with the institution of marriage. The commitment towards each other may differ among married couples and cohabitants2. This variety in family reality has slowly but surely found its way into the customs of legal regulation. The hub of family law has exhibited considerable variation. The alterations that have taken place during the past twenty to thirty years in the field of family law have depicted a diminution in the focus placed on the tribulations of married couples. The changing stance of society in respect of unmarried heterosexual couples, families in which only one parent is present and families in which both the parents were of the same sex needed a response that would meaningfully attend to the real and parallel problems created by these associations. Although some experts are of the opinion that there has been a transformation of family law into domestic relations law4 it would be unnecessary to modify the rubric recounting this part of the law if the contention that the very concept of what constitutes a family is itself changing5. The adoption of such a broader ethic in no way requires society to curtail the importance that had been attached to the marriage state and what is being emphasized is that there should be a recognition by the law with regard to the requirements and existence of other types of families. Several ad hoc legal developments have taken place in this respect in the past few years6. The courts have conceded the

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The Role of Religon In Diplomacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Role of Religon In Diplomacy - Essay Example Religious leaders can understand the causes of conflicts more clearly than politicians. Religions work on the principles of morals whereas politics work on the principle of utility. In other words, politics always try to exploit as much as from a negotiation whereas religions may give more importance to the settling of disputes even if it sacrifice something. So, culturally motivated politics can be settled more effectively with the help of religions or religious leaders since the dialogues between religious leaders may help both the parties to realize the issue more deeply. At the same time it is difficult to solve all international disputes with the help of faith or religious leaders. There are many conflicts in which both the parties happens to be from the same religion. It should be noted that Iran and Iraq have engaged in a fierce battle few years before even though both the countries are dominated by Muslim religion. The influence of religion in Iranian politics was more than t hat in Iraq few years before. Even though Muslim leaders tried to solve Iran-Iraq conflicts amicably, Saddam’s dictatorship prevented them from doing so. Nobody can argue that Hitler like dictators will even hear the words of religious leaders. In short, settling cultural disputes between countries with the help of faith based diplomacy is difficult in some cases as cited in the above examples. Majority of the religions teach the importance of love in solving problems between people and cultures. Religious leaders should teach diplomats and politicians the necessities of solving cultural disputes based on moral and values rather than selfishness. In the current globalized world, religious leaders can play more useful roles in solving cultural problems. For example, Pope... This paper approves that it is difficult to solve all international disputes with the help of faith or religious leaders. There are many conflicts in which both the parties happens to be from the same religion. It should be noted that Iran and Iraq have engaged in a fierce battle few years before even though both the countries are dominated by Muslim religion. The influence of religion in Iranian politics was more than that in Iraq few years before. Even though Muslim leaders tried to solve Iran-Iraq conflicts amicably, Saddam’s dictatorship prevented them from doing so. Nobody can argue that Hitler like dictators will even hear the words of religious leaders. In short, settling cultural disputes between countries with the help of faith based diplomacy is difficult in some cases as cited in the above examples. Majority of the religions teach the importance of love in solving problems between people and cultures. Religious leaders should teach diplomats and politicians the nece ssities of solving cultural disputes based on moral and values rather than selfishness. In the current globalized world, religious leaders can play more useful roles in solving cultural problems. This report makes a conclusion that faith based diplomacy is essential in solving some of the culturally motivated disputers in this world. Albright’s opinions are extremely relevant and logical when we analyze some of the cultural conflicts existing in this world. Faith based diplomacy with the help of morals and values will be more effective than political diplomacy.

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International Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

International Human Resource Management - Essay Example Even the superiors are capable of misuse of power and the subordinates accept this trend silently. They focus on the individual’s capacity to leadership and initiative. Here, every individual are highly motivated about their work and hold on to their ambitions to be reached. Whereas, research showing that PD index lower amongst the elite class in Britain than amid of the working classes.  The PDI score at first seems dissimilar with the well established and historical aristocrat class system and its depicts one of the intrinsic tensions in the British culture – between the importance in birth rank on the one side and a profoundly rooted belief that where one have been borned can not be the barrier for the way far he can go. Logic of fair play they maintain that drives an idea that one should be treated in a number of way as equals. The fundamental issue addressed by Individualism this measurement is  the scale of inter-relationships in a society followed by its memb ers.  It has to do with whether people ´s self-image is defined in terms of â€Å"I† or â€Å"We†.  In Individualist societies people are supposed to look after themselves and their direct family only. In Collectivist society’s people belong to ‘in groups’ that take care of them in exchange for loyalty. China is extremely collectivist cultured, where individuals act for the sake of the group and not only for themselves. In their culture family gets the highest preference among all, dedication towards the organization is noticeably poor. Relationship with their well-wishers and the closer ones is collaborative, where as showing of dislikeness or acting neutrally for the outer people is also visible in their behavior. They give higher importance upon personal relationships and in caring of the closer ones. UK is highest among almost all the countries, preceded by only few of commonwealth countries it spawned that is, USA and Australia.

The Ideal Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The Ideal Society - Essay Example Thus, in this regard, it can be affirmed that the roles of criminal justice system are also getting extended with the increase in the aforesaid factors (Hargraves, 2006; Davis, 1983). The different factors that are related to an ideal society, which comprise equality, justice and liberty are found to be interrelated with each other. This can be justified with reference to the fact that in order to maintain the balance of equality amid the people in a society, justice plays an indispensable role. In this regard, justice not only tends to punish a culprit but also provides the right judgment to the right one and maintains discipline in a society. Apart from these factors, the role play by the police, respective governments and military also contribute in forming an ideal society. The government, judicial, police and military are regarded as the legal representatives that possess certain constitutional rights (Hargraves, 2006; Davis, 1983). With this concern, the essay intends to discuss about various important aspects that contribute in establishing an ideal society and also a comparison will be made amid these factors to acquire a brief understanding about the current criminal justice system prevailing in a society. While discussing about the characteristics of law as well as order in an ideal society, it will be vital to mention that the prime intent of law is to keep a particular society running with following certain effective legal guidelines. Specially mentioning, to maintain harmony in a society, both law and order needs to be maintained at the optimum level. To make an ideal society, a society needs to be crime free. Thus, to attain this objective, the notion of criminal law and criminal justice system plays an imperative role. In this modern day context, the main feature of criminal justice system is observed to be prohibiting the conduct of illegal

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Smoking Marijuana Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Smoking Marijuana - Essay Example Marijuana can be consumed either by smoking or oral administration. The drug can be smoked in the form of a simple paper wrapped joint or through different devices like bongs and chillums. The contents of Cannabis can also be vaporized, wherein a gas is produced without actually burning the drug. This method of consumption is considered less harmful than direct smoking as the vaporized gas contains lesser concentration of toxic substances. Studies conducted have revealed that subjects were "only 40% as likely to report respiratory symptoms as users who do not vaporize, even when age, sex, cigarette use, and amount of cannabis consumed are controlled" (Abrams et al 572). The alternate way is to consume marijuana orally in its dehydrated or heated form. Occasionally, it might be taken in combination with other drugs or with alcohol or tobacco. This coupling increases the toxicity and potency of marijuana. Studies have revealed that nearly four percent of the world's adult population (162 million) use cannabis annually and 0.6 percent (22.5 million) daily (UNODC). There has been a rampant increase in the use of marijuana ever since the 20th century. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is not extensively used by teenagers. A study conducted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse proved that aforesaid fact. The results demonstrate that fewer than one in five high school going teenagers were marijuana users (NIDA) Marijuana- Brief History Marijuana has been used since ancient times. Its history dates back to the third millennium BC. Seeds of the plant Cannabis have been excavated from sites of several ancient civilizations. The drug was used commonly in ancient India and Nepal, where it was known as ganjika or ganja. It is mentioned in the Vedas as a sacred hallucinogenic, and was one of the five spiritual plants in Indian mythology (Rudgley 102). The Chinese used to cultivate cannabis to obtain hemp fibres and also for food. The use of Cannabis is also found among ancient Aryans, Assyrians, Scythians and Thracians. It is also believed that shamans burnt the leaves of the plant cannabis to induce a state of trance (Cunliffe 405). Besides these medicinal purposes, marijuana was also used for spiritual and religious practices. Scythians observed religious ceremonies where marijuana was consumed. The Scythians also used marijuana as offering in royal tombs. It was, in fact, the Scythians who introduced hemp into northern Europe around 500 BC. Historians also believe that it was used by ancient Jews, Christians and Muslims. Thus, through the course of history, marijuana has been used for multiple purposes. The long period from the third millennium BC to the present times has experienced the spread of marijuana around the globe. With the widespread popularity also came the discovery of its possible side effects. It was largely used by many musicians especially jazz artists, for they believed that smoking marijuana gave them transcendence and the inspiration to create music. Its use was glamorised and it was sold in the black market. As its abuse increased greatly, many countries were forced to declare it an illicit drug. Marijuana was made federally illegal in the United States America in 1937 by the Marihuana Tax Act. It was classified as a Schedule I drug, which implies that it was classified a

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Reconstruction in the South Essay Example for Free

Reconstruction in the South Essay Reconstruction is the Federal Governments plan(s) to abolish slavery, change the way of life in the South, and to bring the nation back together after the devastating effects of the Civil War. Many Government plans were brought up but never fell through. Likewise, Presidents over the years, after the Civil War, had also brought their own Reconstruction plans to the nation. Several good things came from each plan but not one individual plan had drastically changed America on its own. Although Lincoln and his 10% plan would have reshaped the nation and connected the broken line between the North and South, however, it had never taken action because of Lincoln’s assassination on April 14, 1865. However, Reconstruction created many new social changes to the nation. Civil Rights had been shaped over many years; the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments were passed giving African Americans the right to vote, and the Freedmen’s Bureau was established. Reconstruction was a long and rough time for the government and the people. Our Nation had never before needed to recover from such a tremendous loss from something like the Civil War. Reconstruction had failed in several ways. Slavery had still been practiced in the south under different titles of work, ways of life in the south had remained the same, and Redeemers made sure blacks were not represented in government. Before this particular Reconstruction plan was brought up it had been thought a bout for awhile by a group of Radical Republicans who created the Radical Republicans’ Plan. These Radicals wanted to spark the necessity to take action on the problems occurring in the South. The plan had consisted of three major ideas; â€Å"these ideas were based off of revenge, concern for the freedmen, and political concerns† (Travel and History par. 1). One of the ways that these Radicals wanted revenge was by â€Å"punishing the South for causing the war† (Travel and History par. 1). They also felt that â€Å"Southern states had to apply for readmission back into the Union and were required to submit state constitutions that ratified the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments (Ohio History Central par. 11). Also when Ulysses S. Grant took office he â€Å"kept soldiers in the former Confederacy for the duty of protecting African Americans from the Ku Klux Klan and similar groups (Ohio History Central par. 11). These Radicals felt that â€Å"the federal government had a role to play in the transition of freedmen from slavery to freedom† (Travel and History par. 1). They believed that the government needed to aid former slaves into getting good work and treated fairly. Also, many members â€Å"wanted to keep the Republicans Party in power in both the North and the South† (Travel and History par. 1). This way only Republican ideas would be brought up and many Republican based laws would be passed. This is the general idea for the Radical Republicans’ plan and would not be brought up again until Ulysses S. Grant is elected into the Presidency. The former Civil War, Union General, Ulysses S. Grant was elected into office in 1868. President Grant did not take much care in his Presidency campaign because he did not care if he had won or lost. Thus, Grant did not have his own plan for the problems of Reconstruction. However, Grant was a Republican and â€Å"favored the Radical Republicans’ Plan,† (Ohio History Central par. 11) so most of what he tried to accomplish was based on these views. When Grant won his election many republicans realized that he had won by a small margin of votes. Looking deeper they noticed that â€Å"roughly 450,000 African Americans had voted Republican and the majority of whites in the South voted Democrat† (Davidson J. p. 348). Republicans in office realized that an amendment must be created to protect black voting rights so the African American population would co ntinue to vote Republican. The Fifteenth Amendment was created in 1869 and was ratified in 1870; â€Å"this forbade any state to deny any man the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude† (Davidson J. p. 348). However, many states found loopholes to this amendment by issuing literacy tests, poll taxes, and property requirements for voting. Mainly this counted out most of the African American voting population. Although he his mostly known for his scandals, Grant had many other significant highlights during his time as President that greatly contributed to Reconstruction in the South. During his time in office, â€Å"Grant signed a series of Reconstruction related ‘Enforcement Acts’† (Simpson B. par. 6). The main effect these laws had was they â€Å"completely denied states to deny any man the right to vote† (Simpson B. par. 6). He had also signed the Ku Klux Klan act which banned the â€Å"illegal intimidation† of blacks where states were unwilling or unable to provide protection, and for private parties to conspire to violate civil rights. Violation of this law was a federal crime. Before Grant had left office, â€Å"In 1875 he signed last major piece of Civil Rights legislation until 1964† (Simpson B. par. 6). In 1877, Grant had completed his final term as President. Several years later Grant had been slipping deeper and deeper into debt from family troubles. He started to write his memoirs and later had attracted cancer. After he had finished his memoirs he had died in 1897, from the cancer he had acquired. Luckily his writings had sold more than enough copies to provide and settle his family’s debt. Reconstruction had ended in 1877, and many of Grant’s accomplishments had changed society in the South and for the future. Bibliography Davidson, James W., and Brian DeLay. U.S. A Narrative History. 1st ed. Vol. 2. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2009. Print . Foner, Eric. Reconstruction Americas unfinished revolution, 1863-1877. New York: Harper Row, 1988. Print . Radical Republican Reconstruction Plan. Travel and History. Web. 11 Sept. 2009. . Reconstruction Ohio History Central A product of the Ohio Historical Society. Ohio History Central An Online Encyclopedia of Ohio History Ohio Historical Society. Web. 1 Sept. 2009. . Simpson, Brooks D. Let Us Have Peace: The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant. Teaching American History in Maryland Documents for the Classroom Maryland State Archives. Web. 14 Sept. 2009. .

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HIV AIDS Education in the Emergency Services

HIV AIDS Education in the Emergency Services HIV AIDS Education, counseling support services in the emergency medical service environment Introduction Our presentation is about historical ground and theories of origin of human immunodefiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). We going to briefly discuss HIV/AIDS education counseling and testing, support service in emergency medical service environment. We also going to touch on the background presentation measures and management including transmittion from one person to another (mayoclinic, 2014). Origin of HIV AIDS The origin of HIV and AIDS pandemic has been traced to the 1950’s in the city of Kinshasa, the capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo. The hunter’s theory is the most common excepted theory, Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) virus was transferred to human as a result of chimpanzees being killed and eaten. It also said that their blood was getting into the hunters cuts or wounds. SIV virus adapted itself within the human body an became HIV (canadian, 2014) Out lining the relationship between CD4 count and HIV Cd4 count is a protein that is sometimes express on the surface of a class of immune system (T-cells). T-cell is the one who recognized when the cells have virus. If the cells are infected the CD4 will be positive, then the T- cell will start looking around to see if there is any pathogens. If there is any of pathogen the antibody response will tell cell called macrophages to destroy it (NHLBI, 2014). At this stage we can say that the HIV needs to bind of CD4 and one of its receptors to gain entry into white blood cells. Then over a certain period HIV infection will decline the number of CD4 cells because of decreasing of the CD4 count manuscript, 2014 NIH Public accessed, and 2014). Stigma and discrimination Stigma refers to the prejudice and discrimination directed at people living with HIV and AIDS. It can be an important barrier to EMS personnel if we can implement it by advising personnel to get tested because most of people they afraid to see doctors to know about their results so that if they have disease they can start with treatment. Other thing is when personnel know that they have HIV/ AIDS they have a fear to talk about it or taking easy available precautions. So the more they have fear the stigma is processing on immune system, which lead to a seriously damage AIDS or aids epidemic continues to spread around. The epidemic of fear, stigmatization and discrimination has undermined the ability of personnel to protect them and provide support to the others who affected due to fear. If the affected personnel can have the supports from their love one’s, they can be able to stay positive all the times and take their treatment regularly. Ethical implications on HIV/AIDS are that health care workers should not disclose status of people/patient who tested positive and confidentiality should be maintained. HIV virus HIV envelop HIV viral protein that serves to form envelops where the glycoprotein referred to as envelops proteins because they make up of outer coat of human (mayoclinic, 2014). HIV Capsid Is protein shell that protects the virus’s genetic material (mayoclinic, 2014). HIV Enzyme It have three enzyme required for HIV replication and reverse which is transcriptase, integrase, protease. Before this enzymes become functional they it need to be cut from the longer polypeptide chain. Viral protease cuts the long chain into its individual enzyme components which then facilitate the production of new viruses (mayo clinic, 2014). HIV RNA Genetic material of HIV composed of ribonucleic acid It can detect by nucleic acid test (NAT) NAT is not used for HIV infection, but it is used for measuring HIV concentration (viral load) level in a positive person (mayoclinic,discovery:2014) HIV Glycoprotein This originally buried within the viral envelope, but when Gp120 binds to CD4 count receptors,Gp120 changes its confirmation causing Gp41 to become expose where it can assist infusion with the lost cell (mayoclic,2014) Mayoclinic:2014 Education According to mayo clinic, â€Å"HIV/AIDS is the condition whereby the immune system of the body becomes weak in a state where it cannot defend itself against organisms that cause disease†. Although there are many education programmes in South Africa we cannot afford not to take action because there are already about 950 AIDS related death in South Africa every day. The silence and stigma surroundings HIV AIDS must be broken and replaced by openance, good communication and compassion. Educating everyone especial in emergency care to understand how HIV AIDS is spread and what we can do to protect ourselves. Encourage personnel to change sexual behavior and to practice safe sex at all times. Making condoms freely and easily available. Educating personnel on how to use them (Male Female) ( discovery, mayoclinic,2014). Wellness programme Personnel should assists with information regarding HIV/AIDS Personnel are offered pre test counseling before test to prepare them emotionally and psychologically for test. All tests should be done by the professionals. After the test, personnels receive post test counseling to assists him or her to deal with the positive result (mayoclinic,2014 Provide HIV testing through the occupation Health clinic or we can refer to the external providers such as new start. Treatment for STI infections, like TB and HIV and AIDS (ARV’S). Continuous counseling and support to personnel (canadian, 2014) Emergency care workers are advice to always adhere to safety measures personal protective equipment (PPE). When working with fluid, blood and also with sharps like needles, scissors, blades, etc; you must work carefully to prevent needle pricks during working operation (canadian, 2014). SUPPORT SERVICE In situation where by a personnel is living with a HIV virus, issues to be considered like getting Psychological Support Moral support from management and from fellow or core workers (Discovery, 2014). Encourage personnel to take medication properly to live normal life as possible. The most pressing concern for scientist today should not be how the AIDS epidemic originated, but how those it affects can be treated (avert, 2014). Further spread of HIV can be prevented by education ,counseling and testing(Canadian, 2014) (Canadian, 2014) CONSELLING TESTING Personnel should be encouraged to know their HIV status by testing using trinity biotech and making sure that there is proper counseling that goes with testing (pre-post test) If the results is negative the trinity will have 1 line shows, if positive 2 lines will shows (discovery,2014 Conclusion It is likely that we will never know who the first person was infected with HIV, or exactly how it spread from that initial person. HIV education, counseling and testing is imperative in reducing new infections and deaths by means of safety measures and anti retroviral. Educating personnel, who is already living with this pandemic, encourage them to talk freely and have influence on their work by advising people where necessary. HIV and AIDS is a regarded as a behavioral problem. Let us not die from ignorance and denial, Let us do something or stand up (J.Mol,Biol,2011) References Aver, 2014 [online] available @ and discrimination.htm accessed @ 15/10/2014 Copy right @1997 Canadian centre for occupation health health safety, support and service [online] available @ accessed @ 05/102014 manuscript, 2014 NIH Public accessed, 2014). Discovery, (2014) support service [online] available @ accessed @ 02/10/2014 and 03/10/2014. J.Mol, Biol, (2011) how HIV AIDS transmitted [online]available @www.nebi.nih,gov/ accessed @20/10/2014 Manuscript, 2014 HIV and AIDS [online] available on http://ncib, @ 06/10/2014. Mayo clinic 2014 HIV and AIDS 0nline.available at http;// [emailprotected] 02/10/2014 NHLBI (2014), [online] available @ @ 15/10/2014

Folklores Influence Towards Modern Texts English Literature Essay

Folklores Influence Towards Modern Texts English Literature Essay Stories are the earliest form of literature. It has taken its birth with the birth of man. In india jataka tales Panchtantra and kathasarita sagra are the earliest collection of stories. Story tradition in india,Egypt,china and Greece is ealiest form of literature. Origin of folktales is traced back to vedic Akhayanas.Atharvveda is collection of superstitions,folkbeliefs and rituals of man.Jataka tales are earliest form of folk tales.These jataka tales have their own importance,since they serve as a lense to the past and enable one to view clearly working of contemporary society.A systematic survey of jataka takles provide us a picture of by-gone days.Each of these stories conveys a lesson in one way or other whi ch could serve the society in multifarious ways.Jataka tales consist of ideas of Lord Budhha.Buddha while narrating jataka tales had brought out the realities of life which were useful not in the past but also in the present time.These tales are mostly in Pali.Customs,tradit ions and religious beliefs of various Hindus are reflected in folk tales.Specific times and places have given folktales a local coloring.The term Folklore was firdt introduced by William THOMS IN 1846.The term folk refers to any group of people who shares a commen factor of language,occupation or religion. Folklore is transmitted ffrom individual to individual.Folktales were produced by people in the past and today they exist in small part survivals.Folklore is about the traditional beliefs and story of a community. Since hundered years ago,the science of folklore has revolutionized our attitude towards such texts.Now we know the importance of folklore and we know no longer regard it having relation to mythology.According to some people folklore and mythology should not be separated.The dichotomy took hold in European circles when some of the anthropologist under the influence of Ellen Harrison and Lord raglan discovered a theory both myth and rituals are linked to each other.On the other folktales and folktales were not expected to have any relation with ritual.Folktales are traced back to the vedic ages.Now there are Brahamanas whi ch are Sanskrit texts composed by priests to explain the purpose of vedic rituals.This is their universal agenda and every line shows references to vedic sacrifice.There are some flaws in this argument which arises from distinction between myth and folktales,the distinction between the Great and the Little tradition and false supposition that myth is always associat ed with rituals.Ananda k .kumaraswamy says that the content of folklore is metaphysical. The one thing one could do is to make a sequence of stories all along the line with some more folk then myth and reversal.But to do this ,one has to associate folk with tales that deals primarily with human problems and there is minimum intervention of supernatural .While myth would deal with supernatural problems.It is useful to distinguish between stories having different emphasis in JAIMINIYA and it is also not wise to say that folktales are not myths.They are myths with a non supernatural bent.They are stories about families and problems created before us by human society. It can also be established that the Brahmanas are regarded as the private property of elite textualists who ever lived are infact undistinguishable from the stori es collected by the BrotherS Grimm in german farmhouses.So it is not easy to separate the folk material form classical material .Since these stories in JAIMINIYA were written by priest in Sanskrit and therefore regarded as part of The Great tradition.These prejudice is prevalent even when we know that folk material there is written in Sanskrit words such as Hitopadesa and Panchtantra .Because of their secularity they are regarded as folk tales ,the sacred Brahmanas could not descend the level Marchen,falling suddenly from myth to folktale.There are certain portion of Jaiminiya dealing with myths..The cosmic stories of the Gods and the Godesses , the creation of the world ,and origin of death ,all of them are well known,There are some stories which are about the sacrifice ,they are about the shadowsof sacrifice obscured in r ituals but illuminated by narrations,The sacrifice in these tales have so many myths ssociated with it as clear from allusions in Rigveda. We can locate folktales in space but not in particular time.We can specify the era or the age of the tales.Take an example of Danga-66G sqmile are in Gujarat.It is inhabited by many communities that modern Indian government would classify as Scheduled tribe.Goth was the word used in Dang for stories,narrative or account.There are so many stories of Dangis pasts such as ;Juni goth,Mohorni goth,padunchi goth.There is also a contrast being shown by Fabian of the coevalness of imperialism and anthroplology.There are two major events in which Dangis frame their past are moglai and mandini.Moglai is the time when Dangis moved in forests .Mandini marks the end of moglai.Mandini is associated with british rule over region.It shows the distinction between premodern and modern.Moglai is identified with pre-colonial and mandini is associated with british rule.History of Dangs on Gujarat deals with pre-colonialism and post colonialism .Most of the tales in Gujarat have tangential relations of pa st or present.Khari goth or true stories sustain to claim to time and space whereas imaginary goth come at margins of khari goth.Old men and women in their old age might often tell children other stories of their youth,stories which they learned from the vadils which leads to customs.There are so many things in folktales which are treated as customs now a days.In the story of Vermilion and marriage ,there are four members of tribe who were fast friends since boyhood.One of them was a hawked vermilion,another a weaver ,third took to wood carving and fourth was a goldsmith.Once they decided to spend night in a mango orchard.One was still awake,other three were sleeping.The wood carver was sitting idle ,he took a log of wood and chiselled it into a female figure.The goldsmith made a gold chain , pair of earrings and bangles for her.The waever wove a sari for female figure.The vermilion hawker anointed her head with vermilion just at day break.The four friends started quarreling as to who should marry the girl.A holy man heard their voices and said ,he who made her is her father ,he who clothed her is her elder brother,he who gave ornaments is her uncle,he who brought her to life and put vermilion on her forehead is her husband .And the woman became the wife of hawker.These customs are still prevalent in society.Applying vermilion on the forehead of a girl means that she is married to the boy who does so.Th e story tries to preserve tradition.It also reveals that fighting for a girl is commen practice in Indian society.It also supports the proverb one who posseses skills can not sit idle.The four friends were endowed with skill,rather than sitting idle.They preferred to work at night and could also enjoy enjoy the fruits of their labour. By the study of anthropological studies ,it is clearly visible that folklore deals with one branch of anthropology named cultural anthropology.Bascom,professor of anthropology at the university of California at Berkeley is aware of depending on oral transmission. According to Utleys concept of folk literature he says that Bascom tends to make verbal art as boundary of folklore.which includes (myth,folktales and legends),but not folk dance,medicine and folk belief(superstition).Bascom also says that the text of ballads and other songs are folklore but the music of ballads and other songs are not.The folklore is linked with social science and humanities.Literary and anthropological approaches to folklore are clearly essential and ecomplementary.Each one has its own separate methods and ideology rather working on commen areas of interest.Cultural anthropology is referred to known as social anthropology.Anthropology is also associated with folklore.Archaeology is not directly related to folklore but it provides information about past developments.Linguistics in some way is related to folklore because they shared a commen verbal art.Any ethnographic study witout folkloreis partially and incomplete description of culture.Morever folklore sanctions and validates the social.religious and economic institutions .It also plays an important role in transferring this institution from generation to generation. Culture is a great part of anthropology today.It consist of any kind of behavior acquired through learning.Under it anthropologists include all customs,traditions together with their methods of production.According to Dr. Gustav klemm of Dresdon from his collections of facts of history,he termed culture as including customs ,information and skills domestic and public life is peace and war religion science and art and saysit is manifest on branch of tree of deliberately shape,in the rubbing of sticks to make fire,the cremation of a deceased,father corpse the decorative painting of once body,the transmission of past experience to new generation.Folklore is studied in anthropology,because it is part of culture.It is a part of tradition,customs,a part of heritage.Many folktales were rejected because they did not fill the recognized need of accepted patterns or tradition of folklore.Folktales are dyanamic that changes with needs of society.The folk element in folklore presents no new prob lems as anthropologist sees it.There are various questions on who invwnted various themes of folktales,how they have reworked in the past and how the previous variation have influenced the product of any given story teller or writer.Since any cultural law have taken hold on folklore,the data collection of folklore used to bute testify the ideology of culture.The accepted theories of culture can thus contribute to theory of folklore. The theory of cultural evolution developed by Tyler,Morgan and other remains a point of contention between anthropologists and folklorists.This theory was accepted by scholars of latter half of nineteenth century and developed and described by the scholars of 20th century.Folklorists have defined folklore that folklore have survived from earlier stage of civilization as the shadowy remnants of ancient religious rites still incorporated in the lives of illeterates and rustics.Analyzation of theory of cultural evolution shows that it was based on certain ideologies which were never proved and in some cased later on have been disapproved.We can not search the ultimate origin of folklore by evolution and age-area concept because archaeological evidences and historical documents are lacking.If we try to reconstruct history on restricted side ,it can give result only in terms of probability than proven facts.Change in folktales can be studied perfectly in process rather than reconstruction s based in deistribution.When Cushing some sixty five years ago had the forsight to record the Italian tale of the cock and the mouseas told by juni informant.The companion of the juni variants spotlights many juni stylistic features and serves only to showwhat transformation the original in underwent in such a brief period and how well it has ben adopted to juni environment and mode thought,but also to give a glimpse of Indian method of folktale making.Through the examples of changing forms in folktales,we can learn about freedom give to the narrator in various forms of folktales in various societies.Anthropologists are anxious about the place,native society and social settings of folklore.One cannot establish these facts from text of tales alone,yet without them one can only have idea about nature of folklore and its full meaning.There is a relation between folktales and culture from two points of view.The first in which folktales represents culture by means if rituals and beliefs but sometime folktales can do thingswhich are regarded as shocking in daily life.Take one example old man Coyote has intercourse with his mother in law.Where as in ordinary life the American Indian who finds amusement in these tales must observe strict mother in law avoidance.Since the time of Euhemerous,folklorist have made efforts to explain distinction between folklore and actual conduct.The function of amusing state of mind can not only serve as a complete answer,it is clear that beneath these deal of humour,lies a deeper meaning and that folklore serves as psychological escape from many repressions not only sexual which society imposes upon individual.Apart from their entertainment,folktales provide us a clear view of present and past tradition and culture of the origin,how they originate.Bihar is one of important states in India with rich folklore tradition Panchtantra is one of the most important collection of stories in India.Folktales generally revolve around social mythol ogical and social concepts.It depicts horror situations and wicked evil spirits are some of the commen elements of folklore.Inspite of different varities the folkales of various regions shows a common pattern.Stories of origin of mankind are told through out the world.These are some oral messages which are always found in folktales as :1)Good will triumph and evil will be punished .2)True always come to light. 3)A friend in need is a friend indeed.4)Might makes right. Folk tales preserves social traditions and social taboos.

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Chinese Entrepreneurs in Singapore: Paths to Success Essay -- Business

Chinese Entrepreneurs in Singapore: Paths to Success Due to the economic hardships and threat of Japanese invasion in China in the first half of the 20th century, many men left their homeland in search of success and opportunities abroad. One of the places that many of them migrated to was Singapore. This new and foreign place was fraught with obstacles; however, some of these Chinese men eventually achieved great success. The success of these Chinese entrepreneurs in Singapore was not only due to their personal determination, but it was also contingent upon their social ties, and the economic and political conditions. In the following essay, the experiences of Ng Teow Yhee and Chew Choo Keng will be referred to extensively to illustrate the various combinations of complex factors that lead to their success. Firstly, I will begin with a discussion on the motivations and reasons why the men chose to depart from their families in China. Secondly, the necessity of initial social ties in Singapore will be discussed as well as their first work experiences, which helped to shape their perspectives and goals. Thirdly, the effects of the Japanese invasion on the development and viability of Chinese businesses in Singapore will be examined. Fourthly, the great business developments made by the Chinese, post-Japanese occupation, will be discussed. Lastly, I will compare Ng Teow Yhee’s and Chew Choo Keng’s management styles, strategies and beliefs in order to illustrate how their personal characteristics contributed to their achievement of success. The early 20th century was a period when China was wrought with wars and economic uncertainty. As a result, migrants were forced to uproot from their homeland to seek fortunes abroad. Thus, their motivation was fundamentally an economic one—that is, to earn money to survive and remit to their poor families in China as support. In other words, â€Å"the motivation for emigration seemed to arisen more from the push factors caused by China’s poverty and absence of opportunity than from the pull factors then existent in Nanyang†¦.† (Chan & Chiang, 40) Two prime examples of men who sought their livelihoods in Singapore due to their dreadful village conditions were: Ng Teow Yhee and Chew Choo Keng. Ng was forced to leave his home in 1938, at the age of 15, due to the impending Japanese invasion. Du... ...ial ties, and the economic and political conditions. This has been chronologically illustrated using the experiences of Ng Teow Yhee and Chew Choo Keng—from the time they decided to leave China, to their first jobs in Singapore, to the Japanese Occupation years, into the post-occupation period. It can be seen that their childhood experiences and the life experiences they gained along the way helped them to succeed by providing them with a strong knowledge base upon which to develop their businesses. Although these were prime examples of those who did succeed, it must be noted that there were many with the same determination that did not. Success is dependant on the combination of a number of complex factors. As such, success could not be guaranteed to all those who were innovative and risk-taking because they are not sufficient preconditions for successful entrepreneurship. (Chan & Chiang, 35) Bibliography Chan Kwok Bun & Claire Chiang. Stepping Out: The Making of Chinese Entrepreneurs. Singapore: Prentice Hall, 1994. Chew, Ernest and Edwin Lee. â€Å"Chapter 6: The Syonan Years, 1942-1945.† A History of Singapore. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1996.

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Electron Microscope Essay -- science

Electron Microscope The electron microscope has become one of the most widely utilized instruments for materials characterization. An electron microscope is a scientific instrument that allows us to â€Å"see† objects so small that they cannot be seen in any other way. (CITE) Electron microscopes have allowed scientists to see individual molecules and atoms for the first time. Most microscopes, including those in schools and laboratories today, are optical microscopes. They use glass lenses to enlarge, or magnify, an image. An optical microscope cannot produce an image of an object smaller than the length of the light wave in use. To see anything smaller than 2,000 angstroms (about 1/250,000 of an inch) a wave of shorter length would have to be used. In 1923, a French physicist Louis de Broglie suggested that electrons, like light, travel in a wave. In addition, the wavelength of electrons is much shorter than the wavelength of light. An electron is an elementary particle carrying a unit of charge of negative electricity. (CITE) J. J. Thompson discovered the electron in 1897 while showing what cathode rays were composed of. (CITE) The first time that the electron was used for a unit of negative electricity was in the late 19th century by the English physicist G. J. Stoney. The electron is the lightest particle having a non-zero rest mass. Electrons also have a wavelike property, which made them prime candidates for microscopes and other devices. Ernst Ruska (190...

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DMC Review Papers Essay

As Mr. Grant, CEO of DMC has realized, the current growth strategy of the company is insufficient. DMC needs to identify their primary business problems and prepare a new or revised strategy with alternative tactics to address it. Even though DMC had grown to become a multi-billion dollar company and consistently ranked in the top five in their industry, DMC’s returns between 2008 and 2012 showed great profits and loss swings unpredictably. These ranged from a net income loss of $1.5 billion in 2008, $1.9 billion in 2009, to a profit of $1.9 billion in 2010, $1.7 billion in 2011 then a loss of 1 billion in net income in 2012, the most recent year. (Table 1) Despite of the up-side-down net income and over $3 billion in long-term debt, DMC was able to make financial arrangements for a line of credit of from $500 million to nearly $2 billion to finance potential acquisitions of major competitors whose financial situations made them available. DMC’s top management team is well aware that a major change in strategy causes other changes. This also causes each manager concerned how his/her own area will change, even while they all know they have to help determine a direction that is the best overall choice for the company. They are well aware that the current growth strategy is insufficient. Top management team also need to consider whether or not a chosen target segment is profitable enough to pursue, and how these changes might influence manufacturing, supply chain, and personnel. Depending upon future direction, there will likely be an impact on information system as well. While IT is a progressive management team who is always willing to implement technical solutions to expedite product development and sales, their budget has been constrained along with all departments over the course of recent recession and the variability of returns to the company. Finance and accounting remain concerned about cash flow demands a nd financial activity for major company undertakings. HR knows from experience that major change can have a significant impact on staffing and morale. Besides company own business problems, DMC also faces industry’s issues as well. In the highly volatile electronics industry, international competition put pressure on the way DMC traditionally did business, including with whom, where, and at what price levels. Their ability to respond rapidly to market change is always difficult, based upon the nature of the product and the heavy investment required for future technologies. As a result, development costs continue to rise while sale margins have dropped steadily. In their industry, innovation is not an option, but an absolute necessity and maintaining a competitive advantage and building market share comes slowly and only to the best and smartest companies. DMC needs to consider the selling to wholesale distributor, particularly VAR. The VAR group always has irregular demand, as they react to the supply chain cycle of their small manufacturing customers and budget cycles for equipment upgrade customers. This segment is highly price sensitive, demanding attractive discounts and low delivery costs. Because of their reactions to the change in the market, DMC will be affected as numbers of demand increase or decrease irregularly, increasing unit cost of production. Now with DMC’s business problems, including within industry problems, have been issued they need a new or revised strategy, which, obviously, would lead to the best overall outcomes. With the problem of net income up and down dramatically and COGS as percentage of sales being a large number affecting net income, DMC needs to find a way to prove selling. They need a more effective way to sell product. Besides, new product development is always important to DMC. The founders believed that the experience of an entrepreneurial driver or team had to start from scratch and create success. They did not believe the future evolved from forecasting or planning in the technology world. The company identified outstanding managers coming up through the ranks, selected a few each year, and gave each $5 million to â€Å"make something happen.† With three or four new product efforts each year, they recognized most might fail, but hoped the winners would make up for the losers. With that in mind, DMC tries to create the own personal computer and touch screen products. It might fail  most of the time but it only needs one success to build up the brand and the future direc tion of the company. DMC really needs to take direct sales to the end user customer into consideration. Even though the Business-to-consumer (B2C) is not common in the electronic components industry, it is well worth the try. After an informal meeting with VP of IT, CEO Grant understands the possibility of moving into B2C without a large capital outlay if they could allocate some dedicated programming time to the project. There are still some concerns over the fact that the sales team would have to be heavily involved in any project like this and smaller orders would not be cost effective and would require too much support for product selection. However, the IT team’s view of sales on the web was that it could a relatively automated process, with a built-in digital configurator tool to help customers choose the right parts with minimal human intervention overall. With the B2C on the line, DMC can seriously consider cutting wholesale distributor like VAR. They not only can save the dollars-turn in every product but also avoid the irregular demand from VAR. With the B2C interface, DMC has the advantage knowing what customers need and the way they thinking. DMC can react quickly to market change and therefore save a lot of money in cost of unit production. B2C e-commerce has a lot of advantages in the business world nowadays. By using B2C, DMC can easily reach worldwide market with unlimited volume of customers. They also can display information, pictures, and prices of products or services without spending a fortune on colorful advertisements. By reducing the cost of advertisements, DMC can save a lot of money and use that to spend for new product development and make up the cost of changing strategies toward each functional division effectively. In some cases, B2C e-commerce makes order processing an easier task than before. With that, DMC als o can save up a lot of cost production and use that to make the selling more effective. One of the biggest advantages of B2C e-commerce is that DMC can operate on decreased, little, or even no overhead. Also, as VP of manufacturing Bret Hendricks expresses, DMC manufactured  division already do a great job of controlling costs and improving processes. He strongly feels his group cannot achieve any more efficiencies from the manufacturing lines unless they do a major overhaul and replace some of the manufacturing systems. With the strong competition from foreign suppliers who receiving funding from government, DMC really needs to find a way to make the manufacturing processes strongly effective. That should be done even it takes a great cost and time to do a major change. In the financial aspect, DMC has been good of negotiating deals with the company’s line credit to create resource and capital for the company major moves like acquisitions and mergers. However, the financial team needs to work on more areas to explore to lower general operating expenses that create problems for the bottom line. The idea of direct sales floating around is very promising. This can create pricing to wash any increased handling costs and significantly exceed the margin offered to their larger wholesale customers to make the new venture worthwhile. However, the difficulty lies on calculating ROI on any type of IT project. There were many variables and intangible benefits to consider. Lastly, if DMC is going to do a major change in strategy, they need to consider the large expenses of doing so. One of the major changes can be made is that DMC might consider insourcing. While outsourcing saves money in the short term, over the long run the company may suffer from not having a large enough employee pool to promote from in certain areas. The IT division of DMC has been doing well over the past. They need to continue to do so and try to explore in some new Business Intelligence tools. That includes the process of running the electronic commerce site. The IT team is a talented team, VP of IT division could try to create things that keep them motivated and create more ideas to help the company’s success. Overall, the main business problems of DMC is their ineffective selling led to dramatically up and down income and their COGS being a large number affecting sales; the functional division that requires lot of things in order to create a change in strategy, this includes cost, time and human resources; management problems of choosing a right market segment; DMC’s  problems within the industry such as international competition, the adaption of market changes response and the increase of development cost. However, DMC also has many opportunities and advantages such as the ability to deal with financial institution with credit card in order to have capital preparing for acquisitions or merger. They also have a good IT team, manufacturing process and talented human resources. DMC already established their reputation as one of the dominant computer component manufacturers in the world. Recommendation for DMC is that they should consider creating a major change in strategy and manufacturing process to make the company sales more effective. In order to do so, they would need to prepare a brief and careful plan because it requires much of cost and time involving all of the company divisions. DMC also needs to invent and explore more to create new products and choose the right market segment. They need to find a way to deal with international competition’s pressure and respond quickly to market change. COGS as percentage of sales needs to be adjusted so that the net income and sales of the company don’t be affected in a wrong way. Lastly, because DMC has problems with market changing and wholesale distributor’s irregular demands, they should seriously consider starting B2C e-commerce. The advantages of B2C e-commerce could really change the status of the company and make sales and manufacturing process more effective.

Dr. Jack-O-Lantern, by Richard Yates Essay

Struggle for acceptance in the coming of age tale, Dr. Jack-O-Lantern, by Richard Yates the principal(prenominal) character Vincent Sabella faces debates that force him to become a intractable adolescent. Yates depiction of Vincent represents the festering serve well of a ten- status year experienced orphan boy who grew up in New York and moved to a impudent city, enrolled in a new direct, and had to gull new friends. Vincent can be draw as a quiet squirt with poor hygiene who became lonely and unmanageable after moving to his new schoolhouse. sexual climax from an orphanage, Vincent wasnt able to have someone almost him that made sure his hygiene was taken care of. When Vincent arrived at his new school, his school mates made caper of him because he made an unintelligible croak and smiled fleetingly, simply enough to show that the roots of his odontiasising were green (Yates). Not only were his teeth green, the clothes he went to school with were absurdly new co rduroys, absurdly old sneakers and a yellow sweatshirt, much too small, with the chopped remains of a Mickey abstract design stamped on its chest (Yates). The mockery that Vincent had to face from his classmates made him a real lonely and depressed claw.Along with having noxious hygiene, Vincent became lonely and depressed.His first mean solar day at his new school he stayed on the apron of the playground, close to school, and for the first vocalisation of the recess he pretended to be very busy with the laces of his sneakers (Yates). None of Vincents school mates wanted to play with him. During class, Vincent gave a report to his class ab bug out his weekend. He made up a story about getting chased by the police on Saturday and his classmates began to catch on to his exaggeration. Recess was worse than usual for him that day at least it was until he shew a place to hide a narrow concrete alley, blind get out for several closed fire-exit doors, that cut betwixt two secti ons of the school building (Yates). Because nought was around, Vincent felt like his new conceal spot was safe so no(prenominal) of his class mates could make fun of him.Vincent began to feel like he was an out-cast at his new school and started to become a rebel in the making. At ten years old, Vincent already knew every raw word in the book. Standing in his newly found hiding spot inthe alley, he just stood there, expression at the blankness of the concrete wall and then he found a spell of chalk in his pocket and wrote out all the dirty words he could think of, in block letter a foot high (Yates). Because Vincent was tough as a loner in his new city, writing on walls was a way for him to release his anger created by his struggle.After having to clean the chalk mop up the wall, he went back to his alley and force a picture of a naked as a jaybird woman and titled it Miss Price.Vincents struggles throughout the story caused him to grow into a rebellious adolescent with no responsibility. We can give over that the author is trying to illustrate Vincents maturation process as a struggle for approval. Vincents quiet demeanor quickly glum into him becoming a disobedient child who longed for the acceptance of his new surroundings.BibliographyShort-storyRichard Yates, Dr. Jack-O-Lantern

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Becoming a U.S. Soldier

The unite arouse military personnel was founded to wield our realm, the unify States of America, cardinal hundred and thirty- iii years ago. The U. S. passs had been in different battles from the Revolutionary War to the worldwide effort to invade terrorism, they have remained military Strong, drawing their commitment to their values and beliefs.The U. S. legions has achieved and is continuing to achieve excellence some(prenominal) here and abroad. They have shown willingness to make sacrifices in order to build a give way future for our country (The 233rd joined States regular forces Birthday). The U.S. legionss bearing is to leave prompt and bear on domain of a function dominance over a upright range of military trading operations in order to fight and win our countrys wars. They operate across a spectrum of conflict, brave outing combatant commanders. Title 10 and Title 32 of the United States inscribe direct the U. S. spends to equip, quarter up and jibe forces in order to conduct sustained and prompt combat operations on land. The U. S. armament is tasked to accomplish missions that be designate by the President of the United States, the deposit of Defense, and combatant commanders.(Mission) A find component of the U. S. Armed Forces, the the States is do up of the most dedicated, most respected, and best-trained soldiers in the world. They protect Americas license both home and abroad, secure our homeland, and defend democracy worldwide ( around the phalanx Overview). The array is one of the three components of the U. S. military. The opposite dickens argon the navy and the tonal pattern force. These three report to the Department of Defense. The U. S. multitude has two major components of equal importance. They ar the Active Duty and the legions hold in (Organization).Those who mesh in the two distinct components of the army, the active and the reserve components, are enlisted soldiers, warrant officers, commissioned officers, and non-commissioned officers (About the army military group). In either component, the army conducts both institutional and operable missions. The operational army is consisted of reciteed armies, pieces, corps, brigades and battalions, which conduct extensive operations around the world. On the other hand, the institutional army provides support for the operational army.They provide the necessary infrastructure to train, raise, deploy, equip, and ensure the grooming of the army forces. Military skills, as come up as professional education, are provided by the training base to every soldier, unneurotic with members of allied forces. The institutional component of the army also allows the army to expand in a rapid manner during cadence of war. The army is provided with world-class logistics and equipment by the industrial base. Power-projection platforms are provided by the army installations.These are required to position land forces readily to pro vide support to combatant commanders. erst the forces are positioned, they are provided with needed logistics by the institutional army (Organization). The army is composed of a large number of soldiers. There is a necessity to organize the army into wholes because of its large number. for distributively one unit has its own leader and reporting structure. Each unit was created in order to act to any mission, regardless of complexity or size (About the Army Personnel).According to the soldiers Almanac, soldiers are grouped into units, each with qualify numbers. A squad is composed of 9 to 10 soldiers a platoon consists of 16 to 44 soldiers a company has 62 to xcl soldiers, a battalion is composed of ccc to 1,000 soldiers a brigade has 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers, a division consists of 10,000 to 15,000 soldier and the corps is consisted of 20,000 to 45,000 soldiers (About the Army Personnel). befitting a soldier is both a challenging and a rewarding keep. There are three primary steps on how to work a soldier. The first one is to work with a recruiter.The next step is to copy the raw material fight Training afterwards you have signed up and express in. After that the Basic fall upon Training, a soldier will raise invaluable skills by depending the innovative unmarried Training (Soldier Life Becoming a Soldier). Basic Combat Training (BCT) is a training shape that transforms civils into Soldiers. Over the course of nine weeks these recruits take close to the septette Core Army Values, how to work unitedly as a team and what it takes to succeed as a Soldier in the U. S. Army. A civilian is transformed into a soldier by attending the Basic Combat Training.This is a nine-week training course where recruits are taught of the Seven Core Army Values, working together in a team, and succeeding in the U. S. Army (Soldier Life Basic Combat Training). After soldiers fat the Basic Combat Training, they will attend the Advanced Individual Training to learn the necessary skills to perform their army job. They feature hands-on training, as well as field instructions, to make them experts in a specific career field. In this training, they gain discipline and work ethic (Soldier Life Advanced Individual Training).When the relation passes the Defense Authorization Act each year, they indicate how many soldiers faecal matter be on active debt instrument during that year. sexual congress also places a limit on what percentage of the whole active duty force can serve as warrant officers, how much percentage of the essential active duty force can be posted as enlisted officers for the positions of police sergeant and above. However, there are no statutory limits on positions of private, private first class, and naturals (Powers, n. d. ) For the positions of sergeant and above, there must be a vacancy in the next level in order for them to get promoted.However, soldier ranking private first class, and corporal are promoted through decentralized promotions. deconcentrate promotion means that the unit is in-charge of promotions so they are the promotion authority. The commander decides who should get promoted based on the promotion criteria set(p) by the U. S. Army to preserve the promotion flow (Powers, n. d. ) There are 146,000 American troops in Iraq, including profit and support personnel. The soldiers stationed in Iraq play various character references. any(prenominal) of them are stationed as combat troops.Combat soldiers, check to the military, those whose primary mission is to engage the foeman with lethal force. However, these combat troops are scheduled to leave Iraq by June 30, 2009. This is in accordance with the organisation between Iraq and the United States, as stated in status-of-forces agreement (Bumiller, 2008). In spite of the agreement that combat troops will leave Iraki cities, many military men are will be left stub as advisers and trainers. This new set of troops will be tas ked to train and stomach support to the Iraqi people so as not to risk the thin and relative Iraqi stability (Bumiller, 2008).Truly, the United States Army have played and always playing a vital role in our society. They have assured us of our liberties and made an effort to assure the liberties as well of those who are offshore. The soldiers in the U. S. Army have dedicated themselves in the service of the American nation and there is no reason available for us not to be proud of them. References About the Army Overview. Army Strong. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. goarmy. com/about/index. jsp. About the Army Personnel. Army Strong. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. goarmy. com/about/personnel. jsp.Bumiller, E. (2008). Trying to redefine role of U. S. military in Iraq. International Herald Tribune. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. iht. com/articles/2008/12/22/america/22combat. php. Mission. The official Homepage of the United States Army. Ret rieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. army. mil/ entropy/organization/. Organization. The Official Homepage of the United States Army. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. army. mil/info/organization/. Powers, R. Army Enlisted Promotion System. Enlisted promotions made simple. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from excite///D/httpusmilitary. htm. Soldier Life Advanced Individual Training. Army Strong. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. goarmy. com/life/advanced_individual_training. jsp. Soldier Life Basic Combat Training. Army Strong. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. goarmy. com/life/ base/index. jsp. Soldier Life Becoming a Soldier. Army Strong. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. goarmy. com/life/becoming_a_soldier. jsp. The 233rd United States Army Birthday. The Official Homepage of the United States Army. Retrieved 21 February 2009, from http//www. army. mil/birthday/233/.

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Enterprise Architecture as Strategy Essay

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy Essay

Infrastructure is currently an agency, instead of an asset.Thus, a foundation in which an organization can determine how to achieve current and future aims. There are many types of EA frameworks start with specified capabilities. Some of these frameworks include ToGAF, Zachman, FEAF, DoDAF and EAP. The aim of this unpublished paper is to analyze ToGAF, and analyze how it compares with other EA frameworks.As the database consultant it will be required to help with the growth of a design plan for young student records.Business architecture allows the definition of governance, business strategy, the organization and any other important processes of the given organization.Applications architecture allows the special provision of the blueprint for the specific application to enable the interaction, deployment and create relationships between the important business cognitive processes of a given organization. Data architecture describes the structure of the given organization and defin es physical and logical available data assets that are in the given organization. Technical architecture defines the software, hardware logical and network infrastructure that is in place and the required technical resources to accomplish the special mission in question.

Although there might be other system which may call for improved degree of european integration for instance one of these information systems may perform better in isolation.Its ability to be tailored ensures that organizational needs are factored in each of the different execution steps of the architecture planning process. The process is usually cyclic and iterative because the entire process is split into phases. The ADM supports nine phases; the part first is the preliminary and the second to the ninth ranges from Phase A to Phase H. Each phase requirements are checked and ensured that it fulfills its basic needs.Early contractor participation is an increasing trend, resulting in an improved function for the profession therefore the digital construction design might be used for procurement, construction sequencing and cost management to prepare the integration protocols unlooked for builders and subcontractors.Enterprise Continuum brings together Solutions and Architecture Continuum. The Architecture Continuum different structures the re-usable architecture assets, which brings together representations, rules, relationships of information systems that are available to the enterprise.The Solutions Continuum defines the blocks that are used by the Architecture Continuum. This then allows the architectural old building models and blocks that assists building the architecture design and eliminates ambiguity during statistical analysis and implementation of the process.

Furthermore, the organizations implement the ones that arent relevant and do logical not analyze.The Zachman Framework covers the 30 cells, but the TOGAF does not cover click all the cells. However, it is possible for the TOGAF to develop viewpoints to accomplish aspects of Zachman Framework. Nevertheless, there are some viewpoints that are supported by TOGAF, which are not included in the Zachman Framework. For example, the missing viewpoints include manageability and security.Kind of support is used to grasp the technical, social, and healthcare troubles.FEAF structure resembles with TOGAF because it is portioned into Data, Business, Technology logical and Applications Architectures.Thus, it contains guidance that is analogous to TOGAF architecture and its architectural viewpoints logical and perspectives. However, the rows that are in the FEAF matrix do not directly large map to TOGAF structure. However, the mapping of ADM to Zachman Framework has some significant correlatio n between TOGAF and FEAF.

Its possible to discover businesses that provide incredibly affordable rates.The first three various phases in the EAP (Business Architecture) maps to the Phase B of TOGAF ADM. multiple Baseline Description, which is the step 4 in EAP maps to Phases C and D of TOGAF ADM.These are some of the basic features that both frameworks share. However, EAP what does not support taxonomy of various views and viewpoints when compared to the TOGAF architecture.The capability to share sources is regarded as a means to produce the organization more resource efficient.This perspective is different when it comes to the DODAF architecture. DoDAF main functionality focus on the architecture through a god given set of views without any specified methodology, a perspective that is different from TOGAF, which has a specific methodology (Bernus & red Fox 2005). ADM guides the way that TOGAF operates, an aspect that is less exhibited in the DoDAF.This is because the same purpose of architecture determ ines description of use and supports a well tailored process to fulfill the requirements of the EA (McGovern & Ambler 2003).

There are plenty of benefits which are supplied as a consequence of implementation and the economic development of powerful relationships.Deliverables and artifacts that are defined in the DoDAF have no corresponding parts in the TOGAF ADM. This is because DoDAF goes deeper in determining details of the specific architecture. Thus, DoDAF are at the system design level rather than in TOGAF, which is in the architecture level. Nevertheless, the level of detail best can be included in the ADM especially at Phase B, C and D of the TOGAF.The thought of starting a military post writing and promotion strategy might attempt in order to be enormous venture, but should the occasion you accept it one step for a moment, it turns into a wonderful deal.Thus, TOGAF plays an important role, which is envisaged by other Enterprise Architecture Framework. It fulfills the requirements that it is assigned, however, fulfills it different from the other EA frameworks. ReferencesBernus, P. & Fox, M. < /p>

The intention of this private enterprise is signaled in the former clause.It brings together the different models and forms of a framework into fulfilling a requirement. Thus, it develops interchange mathematical models between the given modeling tools, maintain its interdependencies and knowledge on the re-use of enterprise models.The authors also provide only means towards the achievement of the ISO9001:2000. The book brings into consideration Design of Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing (DIISM’04) and kidney International Conference on Enterprise Integration and Modeling Technology (ICEIMT’04).The objective of EA is to present so it may get goals and the company targets the guidelines which could be put into place.New York: Addison-Wesley Publishers. The book provides proven solutions to the problems that are experienced by information system developers.The first book utilizes code example in terms of C+ and Java. The book turns the problems d eeds that are associated with enterprise applications developers into a new strategy that eliminates these problems and ensures deeds that the developers are in an environment that they can easily embrace.

(2005). Enterprise Architecture at Work: Modeling, Communication, and Analysis. New York: Springer. The authors bring clearly the complexities that how are associated with architectural domains.The authors also provide means to assess both qualitative impact and quantitative aspects of the given architectures. Modeling language that is utilized has been used in real-life cases.McGovern, J. & Ambler, S.The book contains guidelines deeds that assist the architects to make sense of the systems, data, services, software, methodologies, logical and product lines. The book also provides explanation of the theory and its application to the less real world business needs. Perks, C. & Beveridge, T.The authors’ clearly explains development of a modeling concept through various technical architecture, e-business and gap analysis. Moreover, the book brings into consideration operating systems and software engineering principles. Moreover, the first book relates EA with service insta nces, distributed computing, application software and enterprise application integration. Ross, J.

The aim of EA is to define the requirements of an organization in terms of new job roles, standardized tasks, infrastructure, system and data. Moreover, the book also gives guidelines in the way that organizations will compete in a digitalized world providing managers with means to make decisions and realize visions that they had planned. Thus, the book explains EA vital role in fulfilling the execution of a given business strategy.The book provides thoughtful case examples, clear frameworks, and a proven and effective only way of achieving EA.New York: Springer Publishers. The authors’ brings into consideration the benefits that are associated with utilizing of varies EA frameworks. It brings into consideration the various differences that are seen in each EA framework. Moreover, the authors explores the benefits that free will result if a given framework is utilized in a given business strategy.New York: Trafford Publishers. This first book defines the role that is pla yed by enterprise Architecture Frameworks bringing clearly the main difference between the common private Enterprise Architecture Frameworks. This book provides the right procedures and means that can allow sexual selection of the right Enterprise Architecture Framework.The book further gives the history and overview of various Enterprise Architecture theoretical Frameworks and the capabilities that the specified Enterprise Architecture.Dynamic Enterprise Architecture: How to Make it work. New York: John Wiley and Sons Publications. The authors of the book present a way towards EA that enables organizations to achieve the objectives of their business.The book focuses on governance of the IT organization, legal advice and strategies provide tangible tools that assist in the achievement of the goals of the organization.