Friday, July 26, 2019

Land Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Land Law - Essay Example The central idea involved in this phenomenon is the individualism in personal relationships and selfishness which demeans the commitment of the male and female towards each other. The increase in such type of selfish individualism in relationships ships however shows a gradual decline in the rate of divorce and extra marital child births. The tendency of cohabitation is rising even though the system itself is unstable in comparison with the institution of marriage. The commitment towards each other may differ among married couples and cohabitants2. This variety in family reality has slowly but surely found its way into the customs of legal regulation. The hub of family law has exhibited considerable variation. The alterations that have taken place during the past twenty to thirty years in the field of family law have depicted a diminution in the focus placed on the tribulations of married couples. The changing stance of society in respect of unmarried heterosexual couples, families in which only one parent is present and families in which both the parents were of the same sex needed a response that would meaningfully attend to the real and parallel problems created by these associations. Although some experts are of the opinion that there has been a transformation of family law into domestic relations law4 it would be unnecessary to modify the rubric recounting this part of the law if the contention that the very concept of what constitutes a family is itself changing5. The adoption of such a broader ethic in no way requires society to curtail the importance that had been attached to the marriage state and what is being emphasized is that there should be a recognition by the law with regard to the requirements and existence of other types of families. Several ad hoc legal developments have taken place in this respect in the past few years6. The courts have conceded the

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