Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Human Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human Resources - Essay Example Job Ad for Human Resources Receptionist Position Currently Open: HUMAN RESOURCES RECEPTIONIST Work Location: (please specify your location) Core Responsibilities: †¢ Performs administrative functions for all office personnel †¢ Assists various stakeholders on human resources inquiries †¢ Answers communication protocols (phones, emails, front duty correspondences) †¢ Monitors staff time and information needed for payroll preparation †¢ Maintains human resources forms and requests for leaves, transfers and performance reviews. †¢ Maintains the upkeep of reception area, including effective use of office supplies and resources. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: †¢ One year office experience preferred †¢ Knowledge of computer systems and software applications †¢ Positive and helpful customer service image for the department †¢ Possesses congenial and highly presentable personality †¢ Possesses exemplary communication and interpersonal relationship skills Education, Experience, certifications, and Licenses: Education: The knowledge, skills and abilities typically acquired through the completion of a high school diploma or GED. Years of Relevant Work Experience: 1 to 2 years of experience with a multi-line phone system in an office setting Certificates/Licenses: none... 5. Coordinate with the company’s IT department or authorized knowledgeable personnel to feature an online classified advertisement through the company’s official website effective immediately. The online medium is most viewed in contemporary times, and therefore accessed by a wide range of prospective candidates searching for employment. 6. Arrange for online classified advertisements on two web-based job boards. Other job search networks are good sources to seek potential applicants for the job. 7. Initial applicant screening to be done by telephone, followed by an in-person interview. Phone interviews would already screen applicants in terms of communication skills, good diction, and clarity in speech and grammar use. An in-person interview would enable HR recruiter to gauge personal characteristics and traits, specifically presentability, posture, professionalism, appropriate attire and general interest and knowledge for the position being applied at. Unsuccessful ap plicants need to be contacted by telephone and in writing. 8. Conduct skills and behavioral assessments on potential candidates. As emphasized by Whyte (2011), â€Å"hiring personnel should create a test or exercise that is not biased for internal candidates, and one that is clearly suited for a position's objectives† (par. 6). The behavioral skills tests are necessary to determine â€Å"person's habits, temperament, trustworthiness, and efficiency traits are like in an objective manor. Behavioral testing results can also reveal a candidate's leadership skills, management potential and even his customer service skills, thus helping employers to make the best decision in hiring an individual† (Whyte, 2011, par. 7). 9. Preliminary successful potential candidates should be interviewed by the Human

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