Thursday, November 21, 2019

Donaldson study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Donaldson study - Assignment Example   Principals are likely to hire effective teachers with good subject knowledge and those who are successful at improving student learning. schools’ hiring practices and outcomes also differs on the interplay among school-based knowledge, resource constraints, and individual schools’ relative standing in the district’s internal labor market   Hiring should be based on level of agency and knowledge of the teacher on a particular said subject but should not be based on the experience and the number of years of practice since induction will also be necessary to new and experienced teachers.   Principals tend to assign high performing, measured by student test score to classes containing greater percentage of students with higher prior test scores. Teacher with higher licensure test score tends to be given priority. Also low experienced teachers are likely to be assigned low performing and low income students.   Assignment should be based on the experience of the teacher and the level of understanding they have with their students to facilitate the bonding. The principal should therefore consider performance and teacher licensure for better performance among the learners.   Principals are always more concerned by the induction of new teachers in the professionals before blending with professional learning cycle of the school. Since new teachers need more than a job, they also want to experience success.   The culture of the school must be put under consideration in good time to allow for sufficient time for the evaluation. Evaluation is mainly under great scrutiny to increase teacher’s effectiveness. Evaluating and monitoring teachers work helps in improving teachers instruction   Principals are well positioned to ensure that teachers’ professional development is both intensive and sustained. They ensure that the teachers have humble

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