Thursday, August 29, 2019

A bureaucracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

A bureaucracy - Essay Example Specialty is the first characteristic of bureaucracy as outlined by Max Weber. Each employee has official jurisdictional and reinforced areas of work as shown by Office Space in the company Initech. Each clerk has a specialized job description, though some are ranked higher than others, making Weber’s hierarchy of offices the second characteristic of bureaucracy. Lumbergh in the movie was seen as Initech’s head. Weber’s theory would put him at the top of the pyramid. Bureaucracy according to Weber had several different levels of management but very few leaders in a pyramid fashion. With Lumbergh at the top, Peter Gibbons was right below him and was followed downwards by Michael Bolton, Samir and Milton. His position at the bottom of the pyramid meant that Milton had no authority over any employee. Due to this pyramid management, employees hold grudges against higher ranked employees. Lumbergh was particularly menial for his leadership role. Bureaucracy should be regular and follow given rules and regulations. Workers at Initech were even instructed on the type of stapler to use and were required to regularly fill out TPS reports. They were expected to dress nicely except on Hawaiian shirt day, as well as regulate their radio usage, get to work on time and park on designated spots. As Weber puts it, Initech used rules and regulations to thrive and operate in a completely predictable fashion. Weber argues that bureaucracy seeks the ultimate technical competence beyond following rules and regulations. Bob and Bob were hired by Initech to evaluate the technical qualification and specialization of its workers thus needed to evaluate the effectiveness all employees. Bureaucracy is not interested in the employee as a person but rather the employee’s technical competence. Impersonality is confirmed in a bureaucracy’s work area as Weber deduced. Lumbergh was not

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