Thursday, August 15, 2019

Employment and Line Management Essay

†¢1.1 Communication is a vital thing in the workshop, it is very important so that jobs are done productively and correctly. If the communication in the workshop was poor mistakes would Begin to take place and accidents could occur. †¢1.2 The different methods of communication to the line management and colleagues are by talking to one another, team meetings, by telephone and even letters. In busy circumstances its best to use the telephone as its time efficient instead of wondering around searching for people. †¢1.3 The different methods of communication to my and colleagues are by talking to one another, team meetings, by telephone, letters and even hand signals. These are all helpful in different circumstances such as when its extremely noisy in the workshop and a person is on the other side of the workshop, hand signals would be best in that situation. †¢2.1 To plan my sequence of work from the relevant information I am given I find out what materials I require, what tools I need to assist me through the job and what PPE I need to protect me from the dangers. †¢2.2 When starting a new job I firstly look for any mistakes in the drawing, once I am satisfied I then carry on by finding out what materials I require to complete the job and then finally retrieve all of my tools that I need to assist me through the work process until I complete the job. †¢2.3 Work is carried out to the workshop using job plans, risk assessments and all other procedures. The resources that I use are job sheets, shop plans, time sheets and drawings. To reduce carbon emissions, there is an extraction system installed into the workshop. †¢2.4 The way our workshop contributes to a low carbon emission environment is that we have extraction systems built throughout the workshop to keep the emission levels at a low level. †¢3.1 The required relevant documentation that I provide is my time sheet. It shows the amount of hours I have spent on a job so that the consultants can then get a price to give to the customers. †¢3.2 I maintain my drawings and time sheets by keeping them in a locked draw. Time sheets are required to be filled in and complete every week and has to be submitted on a Monday morning before 8:00am. †¢3.3 If I do not ensure that my time sheets are not handed in on time, I will not get paid at the end of the week. With my job sheets, if it’s not complete within the given hours the customer has to pay more as the labour cost raises. †¢4.1 I am very able to work productively to the agreed specification and inline with the line management, colleagues and relevant people involved by finding out if they are pleased with the work produced and the quality. †¢4.2 I find that everyone is equal and that no one should be treated different. People tend to treat apprentices with less respect than others as they are not qualified and think they are not capable. Apprentice or not, people should not be treated different. †¢4.3 To maintain a good working relationship in my place of work I do the work that is asked of me and in the required time and in a good quality. With individuals I get on with them by being polite and cleaning after myself. †¢4.4 I think it’s good to keep a good working relation ship with the line management and colleagues as it doesn’t make it a challenge to talk to them or ask them for any information that is required. †¢4.5 Getting on with the line management and other working colleagues is important because it can make your time there difficult and non bearable. It also doesn’t make it a challenge when needing to ask for information or a specification. †¢4.6 When working with others you must never treat them any different than you would like to be treated. You should never talk down to people or think of them as lower than you.

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