Wednesday, August 21, 2019

High blood pressure Essay Example for Free

High blood pressure Essay Smoking does stunt your growth which, as well as it giving high blood pressure. When someone hangs around a smoker, they are actually inhaling the smoke, which would make them a passive smoker. A passive smoker is worse than actually being a smoker because breathing the smoke from the air is worse than taking it in through your mouth as it would cause blockages in the nose. Smoking can always cause headaches and colds and it can also give you very bad cough, also known as smoker cough. The thing that makes smoking so addictive is the nicotine that is inside them. They can be replaced with nicotine patches when and if decided to stop. Smoking also can affect your social life as it can cause arguments and it can also means sometimes it would mean you would be left alone outside smoking away while all your friends are inside as they dont smoke. Also the lose of money from smoking is becoming more and more as they are increasing the prices of the cigarettes as the government are tying to prevent people to smoke, and so by you wasting your money on small cancer sticks is pointless. Smoking can also leads to drugs, because it first starts with smoking cigarettes and then it would go further and start smoking drugs. This can completely change the individuals life around. Smoking also affects the eyesight of the individual from the conclusions that they would have to start wearing glasses. Smoking can also be the main causes of strokes, someone collapsing and some to become paralysis. Asthma is the biggest problem when it comes to smoking because smoking damages the lungs and a person who has asthma would already have a bad set of lungs. And so when someone is smoking around them, it could make it even worse and allow them to have a fatal attack. All of this start of somewhere and it is usually when the individual is a teenager because they would want to just try it. And then they would not be able to control themselves and continue smoking for the rest of their lives. With some people smoking doesnt just happen just like that, they would be either forced through peer pressure or from the attitude just trying it out. Stopping smoking is not easy because it takes a lot of will power and determination because it can be extremely difficult, but the government provides a lot of help because they want the nation to become healthier. That is also another reason for the cigarettes being brought up in prices because they want to try to get people of them. There are products out there that can be brought to help you give up smoking like nicotine patches as well as little sticks that you can inhale which would make believe you that your smoking as it gives you the same feeling but you would not be inhaling any smoke which is safer for you and the people around. With some individuals, they try to stop completely all a sudden but it is them type of people that would either most likely go back and start smoking again, or not touch another one for the rest of your life, but for people who find it hard to stop smoking, there is help provided by the NHS and also on the internet as they would be happy to give advice.

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