Friday, October 4, 2019

Building and sustaining strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Building and sustaining strategy - Essay Example The mission statement is to be the best advertising company in the world 1.2 The Market Target market: The target market is small entrepreneurs in addition to large multinational companies experiencing difficulties in marketing. Marketing strategy: My plans are to capture the market through advertisement of the company that will be mainly done online. My other way of targeting the intended market is by providing good and quality services in addition to offering after sale services to the customers. The other way is by charging low prices in order to attract the customers by offering them discounts. 1.3 The Finances The first quarter of our business operation will mainly intended to break even. The second quarter is intended to start building provides. The annual intended target is $100 million dollars and this will be expected to keep increasing while the business keeps adapting to rapid changing economic demands. 2.0 Registration Details Business name: WRSX Group Trading name(s): WR SX Group Date registered: 18/12/2012 Location(s) registered: Business structure: company Licences & permits: council permits on safety, business operations, security 2.1 Business Premises Business location: The business centre will be located in Happyville. 3.0 The Business Vision Statement In the next 3 years, WRSX Group will become a recognized leader in the local and international advertisement firm in the world. Mission Statement Members will receive personalised programs to suit their individual needs at competitive market rates. Staff will have a client focus, and a thirst for continual development of knowledge and their craft. Clients will be motivated to continue to exercise through a variety of programs, with their individual characteristics taken into account. All decisions will be based upon integrity, honesty, efficiency, and a desire for high quality. Management & Ownership Names of owners: james milner, terry mclean, Diana rose, Jamie fox, ann robinson, john lesly, bri an pink. Details of management & ownership: As the owners we will run the business and share the profits and dividends according to the shares each member has contributed Key Personnel Recruitment options Selection and recruiting will be done professionally through the internet and oral interviews will be conducted after applications have been collected. The applicant will also undergo a practical interview on the gym training skills they have. Training programs Personal training of the staff will be provided in order to familiarize with the services offered and handling of the sophisticated machines and equipment Skill retention strategies Staff and employees must be licenced as professionals who can safely work in the centre. The staff must renew their licences every year to ensure professionalism is maintained. However, regular training and evaluations will be provided in order to keep the staff updated with the latest skills. Market position: The business is located strategicall y in the middle of the town Unique selling Our products are both necessity and luxurious and fulfilling customers’ needs and demands are our major motive. Growth potential: Growth is likely to increase due to the demand especially with the sudden changes in technology and innovation with regard to a lot of competition in the market 3.7 Insurance Payment types accepted: Payment of the services offered may be made via electronic money to an account on our website, in

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