Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Coursework Example My t-shirt can only be obtained from a Wal-Mart store since it is a crew t-shirt that forms a part of their brand. It cannot be found in any other store ( 2. Tortured and raped by Israel, Persecuted and jailed by the U.S is an article from written by Dahr Jamail. It circles around a Palestinian woman; Rasmea Odeh aged 67 years who was imprisoned after the court found her guilty of immigration fraud. It depicts the west as superior to the Middle East because Odeh was charged in the States due to activities that she is alleged to have committed in Israel back in 1967. Superiority of the west is noted in the ability of the United States’ judicial system that claims to have acquired enough evidence to tie her to those allegations. Association between Israel and the United States in continuing their oppression of Palestine is shown in this article. It is where orientalism comes in, Palestine is considered dangerous and a threat to Israel who is allies with the United States. United States is acting to safeguard Israel’s dark secrets; this is shown by the court’s failure to take into account all that happe ned to Odeh while she was held in Israel (Jamail). 3. Spain, one of the most populous nations in Europe borders France to the northeast and Portugal to the northwest. People crossing the border at both ends are required to produce an identity card or a passport; this applies to the EEA, EU and Swiss citizens. Spain’s borders between these two countries are sparsely populated, but there are towns that exist for example; Ayamonte and Badajoz, which is at the Spain-Portugal border and Portbou at the Spain-France border. Spain’s border with France has one of the most effective natural boundaries with the highest terrain. On the other hand, Spain’s border with Portugal has relatively low terrain

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