Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Person centered approaches (nursing- learning disability ) Essay - 2

Person centered approaches (nursing- learning disability ) - Essay Example In terms of social aspects, Mary has been leading an active life by going out on shopping trips and taking walks in the park. Moreover, she enjoyed collecting seashells and likewise, desired to decorate objects with those. Mary was even fond of hearing music and singing. However, the stroke, which she suffered, left her in the state of immobility. Prior to the stroke, Mary was able to communicate verbally with others and thus, enjoyed signing along to her CDs. After the stroke, Mary failed to communicate effectively and her left side of the body was consequently paralysed. In general, stroke is regarded as an unexpected attack in brain, caused at the time when blood flow gets interrupted in a human body to be reached into brain (WebMD, LLC, 2014). In addition, Mary became prone to the episodes of coughing. On certain occasions, she also became quite much reluctant towards eating as well as drinking. Thus, it is obvious that the above stated complications have been affecting the healt h conditions of Mary that restricting her to conduct daily activities smoothly. These complications can be managed in the form of adopting varied measures that may comprise taking medicines within due time, making Mary to take lesser pressure in brain as she already went through stroke and taking initiatives from preventing another stroke. From a theoretical perspective, it can be affirmed that the adoption as well as the execution of the above stated assessment may aid in providing effective care to Mary despite possessing adverse health conditions through various ways. These ways generally include determining the level of social interactions made by Mary, identifying the psychological functions that perform by Mary and most vitally making viable biological assumptions among others (Munson & Vogelsang, 2013). Gaining confidentiality and developing researches based on informed consent are the prime needs for an effective nursing practice. This eventually

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