Friday, October 18, 2019

Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 12

Strategic Management - Essay Example As such there is a greater link between the innovation and firm level strategy that need to be supporting each other at the enterprise wide level. The innovation therefore without a concrete strategy may not be possible for the organizations to achieve in either short term or long term. Apple, one of the leading electronics manufacturing firms in the world started as a Personal computer manufacturer and was completely outclassed by its competitors in almost all segments of the business. However, over the period of time, its innovation strategy has led to it become one of the most innovative firms with a distinguished record for brining in innovative products in the market. This paper will therefore look into the innovation strategy of the Apple and explore as to how Apple was able to achieve the innovation and what are some of the strategies and tools that it used to achieve such position in the market. On April fool day in 1976, Apple Computer was invented by a Collage drop out Steven Wozniak and with his friend Steve Jobs to form a company that can manufacture and market the computer designed and developed by Steven Wozniak. By 1980s Apple was one of the leading manufacturers of the computers offering both the hardware and software in one PC. Apple Computers were considered as the State of the art computers providing both the efficiency and cost effectiveness and were phenomenonal in their ability to perform complex operations with more efficiency as compared to most of its competitors. Apple I, Apple II and Apple III were earlier models of the computers that were manufactured and marketed by the Apple by making more innovations into the overall design and technology of these computers. Thus the history of innovation at Apple is one of its earliest achievements as Apple continued to evolve its products by offering better and more

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