Sunday, June 9, 2019

Development of LED Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Development of LED - Research Paper ExampleThe light-emitting diode produces light that is uniformly dispersed, and the output of the light is equally dispersed all over the lens that makes them brighter than the lamps of incandescent. Light-emitting diodes are efficient in vigour and can produce a light output of up to ninety percent while producing really little heat while the bulbs of incandescent generate heat by using ninety percent of there energy. An additional loss of energy is go through in the lamps of incandescent when it comes to its use in the traffic signal. This is so as it only produces white light which has to be filtered for a traffic signal. On the different hand, light-emitting diode produces light that are colored, therefore, pane of glass not need any filtering out. All the energy produced is intense around one colored band, and no energy is wasted on colors that are undesired.The need for finding a way to the reduction of the energy consumption and reduct ion in the global melting is the drive for the development of energy saving electrical device. The innovation of the light-emitting diode has greatly contributed to energy conservation. However, the little problem face by the device is that it dose not operate efficiently in regions that experience snow and in the very cold environment. However, the technologies in developing heat sink which will reassign heat that is produced at the junction to the recommended areas of the light fixture the problem will be solved. The device will work well in all the climatical condition (Gu, Alex and Nadarajah, pg 1-10).Light emitting diodes are p-n junction devices that are constructed using semiconductors such as gallium phosphide, gallium arsenide, or gallium arsenide phosphide emitting light in the furthest IR (940m), red or yellow and red or green regions respectively. In a light-emitting diode, the light color depends on the semiconductors used band gap, as the gap increases, the light c hanges from red, orange, yellow,

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