Saturday, June 15, 2019

Millennium Development Goals Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Millennium Development Goals - Assignment ExamplePrimary education will help the development of countries because it helps develop and improve the essential human acquirement and life skills which are necessary for gainful employment and productivity, which on the other hand are important for economic progress (Bruns, Mingat and Rakotomalala 2). This goal is still evidentiary for developed countries because while most of the children in the urban areas are already given primary education, those in the rural or remote places many non have the same opportunity. Furthermore, the more educated people there are in other countries, the more the global economy improves, which affects all countries of the world whether they be underdeveloped, developing or developed.Part 2- How successful are we globally in meeting this goal? What are the victories or concerns laid out in the banter provided on the website? What statistics or evidence do they use to support these conclusions?Based on the facts given by UNDP, the pace of progress is insufficient since in 2009 not all boys and girls are in primary schooling, as evidenced by data on the sub-Saharan African countries alone, where at least one of quaternity children are not enrolled in 2008 (United Nations Development computer programme , par 3). The concerns presented are the high assoil-out rates among the children, that is, in the sub-Saharan Africa, more than 30 per cent of the children drop out before reaching a final grade (United Nations Development Programme , par 4). Another major concern is the lack of teachers and classrooms (United Nations Development Programme , par 5).Part 3- Discuss the data that you have been reviewing. What sorts of measures are they recording? How does this tie into the goal? What do the overall trends suggest? How does this compare to the conclusions discussed in variance 2 of your homework?The measures that they

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