Monday, June 17, 2019

Recycling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Recycling - Essay ExampleFor example, there are several similarities and differences of recycle between China and Australia when viewed in the lines of legislations guiding cycle, recycling of e-wastes, and water reports that the Chinese government passed legislations that delineateed to scrap progressive pricing of water since the consumption level of each household was unknown. Chinese law in any case proposed to boost sustainable development through energy saving and reducing discharge of waste products ( Similar legislations apply to the Australian laws that help the country to decimate environmental pollution. According to Recycling International, the government of China formulated a law to govern the recycling of e-wastes. Australia does not only have laws governing the recycling of e-wastes but also gravels the amount of e-waste exports to China. The law commands for license and taxes to the individual manufactures of the electrical ap pliances. This move was to address the problem of increased destruction of electrical appliances by item companies and individuals. The Chinese government established laws that regulate the pricing of water to consumers to avoid undue exploitation of consumers. In addition, China formulated laws that enable the government to regulate the use of energy and pollutant emissions.China legislations on recycling encourage innovation in recycling technology through fund allocations to such projects. In addition, Chinese legislation on recycling provides tax relief to enterprises that use energy conserving technologies in their recycling processes. The Australian government passed a legislation that worked to regulate the exportation and importation of hazardous wastes as well as to ensure safe disposal for the protection of human life. The Australian law also advocated for issuance of certificates to individuals who intend to import or export hazardous wastes. The

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