Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Peer review Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Peer review - Coursework ExampleThe post has also demonstrated a deep understanding of the entertainment effort and the different media platforms available in the world. Talk show queens enjoy significant influence in the world (Johns, Weir & Weir, 2014).However, it has failed to demonstrate how Ellen Degeneres can boost her Nielsen micturates. The score is the most important measure of the ability of a talk show to create and maintain a strong connection with customers. The responses provided suggest that the student did not invest their time in understanding the talk show industry. Moreover, the post has shifted a lot of focus to online channels at the expense of mainstream television channels. Although the last mentioned is facing a stiff challenge from the former, it has succeeded in maintaining its position as the primary source of entertainment for most Americans.Ellen Degeneres should be rewarded for her hard work. She has managed to establish herself as a major player in t he entertainment industry (Rocca, 2012). 1 Kings 1128 indicate that Solomon appointed Jeroboam due to his skills and outgoing nature.Johns, R., Weir, B &Weir, R. (2014). The power of celebrity exploring the basis for Oprahs successful endorsement of Australia as a vacation destination. Journal of Vacation Marketing, Online first version, pp.

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