Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ethical case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Ethical case - Essay ExampleThis paper thus discusses the issues approach Lisa when challenging current policies and procedures of the acquired company from both ethical and professional perspectives.One ethical issue Lisa applied was ensuring that the corporate assets were secure. In her one year in charge as the financial manager, she faced a significant acquisition with a total cost of $10 billion. Her company acquired a prestige odour company. Lisas challenge in this case was to ensure that the acquired company came together with the parent organization in an ethical, appropriate manner. She also had to ensure that there were no unethical practices on the part of the project. Also, the management team responsible for the acquisition and integration of the company. Additionally, she had to ensure that the acquired companies were not practicing inappropriate accounting practices in order to hyperbolize their sales or earnings.One of the stakeholders involved in ethical issue is Lisa, but he faced opposition from the controller Mr. Anderson. Lisa prepared a clashing with the parent company with a focus on accounting manual and a plan for valuation of the companys assets. It was apparent that these documents were of little stakes to Mr. Anderson. He was polite and professional, but his management style was clearly dictatorial. Anderson had worked for twelve years in the Prestige Fragrance Company and attained some several(prenominal) promotions. He was a CPA, who had a background in major accounting firm and had contributed a lot in the growth of the company. All this earned him follow from the Board of Directors, but it was evident that he was not happy to be in part of a smaller division in a frequently larger company.Lisa was very concerned about the acquired assets and the unusually high proportion of other assets on the balance sheet. This made her to re passel her preliminary observation with Anderson. She was of the view that often items in this c ategory

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