Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking in Latin America Research Paper

Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking in Latin America - search Paper ExampleLatin America and the Caribbean film the highest rates of gender violence of any region of the world excluding fundamentalist Muslim countries, where statistics are not kept and discrimination against women is institutionalized (Half). This paper will focus primarily on Latin America (namely Colombia and Ecuador) and the human trafficking and domestic violence regainings these deuce countries face, the reasons for the prevalence of these issues in these countries, and what can be and is being done about them.According to Berry, domestic violence refers to squall by one person of some other in an intimate relationship (1). Domestic abuse is not restricted to husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend, but can also include sibling abuse, elder abuse, and nestling abuse however, for this paper, the focus on violence against women will be discussed. Berry goes on to discuss the lack of boundaries in the issue of domestic violence she states that statistics have proven that abuse knows no boundaries racial, ethnic, religious, or socioeconomic. It occurs among the very rich and the very poor, the highly educated and the illiterate, in all parts of the world (9).Domestic abuse not only indicates foundational disintegration within a family unit, but can also be an indicator of the same sort of internal rot at a societal level. It emerges as a serious violation of human rights that abrogates the womens right to dignity, equality, autonomy, and physical and mental well being, state Mehrotra and Banerjee, observing the issue at the personal level. Nodding at the societal level, Mehrotra and Banerjee go on to say that violence is not only a manifestation of unequal, disem agenting and unjust power relations, but is also a costly economic phenomenon resulting in significant looses of productive potential (38). A country cannot move forward and hold itself pricker at the same time. A land cannot be both full of success

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